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  • Pitstop 7 actions

    Can Pitstop 7 work with watched folders like Acrobat does? eg. Can you setup Pitstop so it will perform action for all PDF files in specified folder?

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    Re: Pitstop 7 actions

    I believe you will need Pitstop Server for a folder action.
    That's one of the things it's made for.

    What exactly are you looking to do?

    there may be a script already written that may do what you need.


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      Re: Pitstop 7 actions

      What about if I don't want to spend $$$ for Server? I could use Automator in Leopard or even AppleScript to create some actions but I need Pitstop Pro to start performing action that is attached to folder. When PDF file will show up it will do something, like preflight to look for LoRes images or missing fonts.


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        Re: Pitstop 7 actions

        You are looking for a _Hotfolder_ action.
        Pitstop Pro does not do Hotfolders,
        Pitstop Server does.

        If you have Pitstop Pro, it has built-in actions, or you can download them from the Enfocus web site.


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          Re: Pitstop 7 actions

          What you describe is PitStop Server.

          You can do what you want...sort of with Acrobat. Create an Acrobat Preflight Droplet. Save it to your desktop and then drop PDF's on the droplet and it will preflight them. With Automator, Applescript, or folder actions you may even be able to automate it like with hotfolders.
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            Re: Pitstop 7 actions

            That's exactly was I was thinking. Why should I spend $2700 for Pitystop Server if I can have tha same functionality with little more of manual work (Automator or AppleScript). I just came from AppleScript seminar and I am impressed what CAN be done with it.

            Who needs PityStop Server anymore?


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              Re: Pitstop 7 actions

              if you're into applescripting:


              have fun and good luck.


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                Re: Pitstop 7 actions

                THANK YOU David.


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                  Re: Pitstop 7 actions

                  You cannot automate PitStop Pro via AppleScript. For one, that would be a direct violation of the EULA and two, it's not possible. It is true that you can use the built in preflighting and some of the fix-ups that Acrobat provides by using droplets or the built in hot folders of Acrobat.

                  But I have to ask, why not spend the $3,000 on PitStop Server and get it done right and quickly versus spending soft-dollars on development that might not pan out well or at all? It is cheaper than doing the R&D yourself. Plus it has features simply not available to Acrobat...

                  Penny wise, pound foolish...
                  Matt Beals
                  The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not those of my employer.


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                    Re: Pitstop 7 actions

                    Pitstop Professional is not Applescriptable. Or JavaScriptable. Or
                    anything scriptable. That's why Pitstop Server is needed for high(er)
                    volume, automated PDF processing. If all you need is preflight, then
                    Acrobat can serve your needs.


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                      Re: Pitstop 7 actions

                      Don't you think it is intentional that Pitstop Server is NOT scriptable at all?

                      All Adobe CS3 apps are.

                      Who would buy Pitstop Server if it was scriptable?

                      What is Pistop Server if not one script to connect few folders together? It doesn't have any functionality on it's own. You cannot even make one action with it. Still need to use Pitstop Pro.

                      I did not look at EULA but I will.


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                        Re: Pitstop 7 actions

                        I guess it goes against the EULA, but I did get some automation.
                        I paid $25 for Automator Virtual Input.
                        In essence, it puts a plugin into Automator.
                        I them setup x and y coordinates of where my mouse would be to hit a button.
                        I have a drop folder that allows me to drop in 8 files, duplicate them, add word to the end
                        of the file, open in Acrobat, and then hit the command shift key that I need to run my
                        action list.
                        It works wonderfully with the number up that I have. Only problem is it takes over my
                        machine. IE, my mouse is useless while this happens.
                        I will either relegate an older G5 to the process or just get the boss to spend
                        the $2,700 and buy Pitstop Server.
                        BTW, does anyone know if Enfocus will give me credit for my SEVEN copies
                        ($595 each) of Pitstop? With server I will not need 5 or 6 of them...


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                          Re: Pitstop 7 actions

                          No, you do *not* get credit. The Pro's you have will still be most valuable in your workflow. PitStop Server is $2999 unless Enfocus is running a special. Some resellers cut their price hoping to make their money by volume on low margins. Other resellers (like me) choose to give service over price.
                          Matt Beals
                          The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not those of my employer.


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