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Pitstop & Converting Graphics

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  • Pitstop & Converting Graphics

    We are currently using v6.5.3 (Mac), and would like an easy way to convert
    PDFs of our online stationery that contain black-and-white graphics to PMS

    So far, we have been able to convert any text to PMS 287, but have not been
    able to find a solution to convert the graphic(s) in the PDFs.

    Feel free to contact me off list with any solutions or suggestions.


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    Re: Pitstop & Converting Graphics

    Are the logos using gradients or transparancy,
    And is the graphic one object or picture. Or is is it made out of several overlapping objects?

    Michael Fry


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      Re: Pitstop & Converting Graphics

      Select the graphic, convert to gray, then select spot color. If the graphic comes out to light, you can adjust it in Photoshop


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        Re: Pitstop & Converting Graphics

        Remap the black separation to the desired spot color.
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          Re: Pitstop & Converting Graphics


          Use the 'Remap color' function in the Global change or the similar action in the Action List editor.

          In the Global change:
          From: 'Color space' Device Gray (or separation Black) depending on the color space
          To: 'Color space' Separation --> Click on 'Load' and select your spot color in the dropdown

          Then select your images and run the global change on the user selection.

          In the Action List window

          Start with a 'Select images' this way you keep out other elements
          Then add 'Remap color' and do the same actions as described above
          Finalize the Action List and execute it. You can also create a QuickRun with this Action List if you're running version 7

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