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Suite 7 and training

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  • Suite 7 and training

    We are on the verge of upgrading from Scope 3 to Suite 7 and are wondering about training.

    Anyone else been down this road yet. We've been Scope users for a little over a year now

    are curious about the upgrade and/or ups and downs.


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    Re: Suite 7 and training

    Haven't seen it yet, but we've been told by our corporate 'test team' to budget three days training. We're not a big site, 8 guys, 6 esko boxes plus Deskpack on 10 Macs.


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      Re: Suite 7 and training

      we just bit the bullet and did the upgrade this past weekend (from Scope v3 to Suite 7)
      they are very similar in the look, but there are some serious changes.
      there is no FastEdit, it's now Packedge, all the toolbars and pallets are different.
      and of course, it's a new version of PDF (no more Scope PDF)

      We are trying to get a Webinar set up for this week, and then if that doesn't cover all the issues, we will get someone to come in-house to train us.

      We've been Esko users for over 10 years now (since v8/v9)

      cheers and good luck,


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        Re: Suite 7 and training

        What is the update on your training? We will be doing a big upgrade shortly, but from Backstage 2.0 and Packedge 4.0. Much bigger move than your gradual transition. Do you have Deskpack tools and trapping with CS3? How is that different.


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          Re: Suite 7 and training

          Well, we haven't upgraded yet. 2 issues remained.
          One, is that we wanted to try the HiLine screening for a trial period, which
          is locked in to the version Scope your using.
          Second, r3 was,has come out so, was waiting for that was sent, which I've just
          so, I'm now ready to get the ball moving on the install (upgrade)

          Which, we'll probably knash our way through it on our own...

          since we're abit slow.

          seat of our pants...oh yeah.. I'll post afterwards.


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