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Export PDF troubles (Nexus 8.5 rev 3)

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  • Export PDF troubles (Nexus 8.5 rev 3)

    Hi there,

    Monday we did an upgrade to Nexus 8.5 rev 3 (we were working on 8.4 rev 4 up until then). All seems to be working fine expect the eport pdf activity fail on a regularly basis but with no clear reason. The error log doesn't say much (see screendump). This is becoming a major problem here. Support don't know what it means or the cause of it. So they made a log for development and we're waiting now.

    I am considering going back to 8.4 in the mean time but maybe one of you guys can help....

    Thanks alot!

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    Re: Export PDF troubles (Nexus 8.5 rev 3)

    So, is the PDF named 104882-1 B_V1.2.pdf actually in that hot folder and if so can you open it in Acrobat? If so, the only thing I can think of is that Nexus might be balking at having 2 periods in the file name and it's confusing it on the extension. Try changing "V1.2" to "V1_2". Also the error shows a period at the end of the filename which may just be punctuation in the error message but if the pdf file name has a period at the end of ".pdf" take it off.
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      Re: Export PDF troubles (Nexus 8.5 rev 3)

      This is a known issue with Nexus 8.5r3 and EskoArtwork are aware of this problem, i am being told that it will be fixed in 8.6.


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        Re: Export PDF troubles (Nexus 8.5 rev 3)

        and what do you know, 8.6 would be released ... :-)

        I've been warned about the multiple dots in our filename. Problem is, it's not something we can just change because IT has to reprogram a whole lot of ERP stuff (and they are not willing to do so). If it worked in the passed, and works under windows, why doesn't it work on OSX with just EskoArtwork software...


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