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PDF export from Nexus 8.5.3

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  • PDF export from Nexus 8.5.3

    I'm currently testing new workflows using 8.5.3. In one of them we're exporting a pdf/x-1a. The issue I'm having is in areas using drop shadows. The drop shadows are basically thinning out any lines (more so on hairlines) they fall on top of. The lines don't disappear, they just thin out and once the drop shadow has faded out they return to normal thickness. It reminds me of how older versions of nexus used to handle transparent drop shadows if the documents weren't built correctly.

    A bit about the our workflow.... pdf 1.4 exported from InDesign CS2, straight CMYK, dropped into a nexus hot folder. Prior workflows outputted a DCS which we're trying to steer away from... hence the need for this testing. The DCS never had this issue. Additionally, the prior workflows also spit out a PDF as well however, it wasn't flattened and didn't have this issue. Once I activated the flattener within the PDF export this started happening. I've played with the settings a bit to no avail. Anyone have any ideas what settings in the flattener could cause this? Am I better off flattening in Indy rather than letting Nexus' PDF flattener handle it?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a screen shot in case it helps.....

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