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training and tips in esko workflow

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  • training and tips in esko workflow

    anyone you know a place for training and tips in esko workflow doesn't work ..
    any idea

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    Re: training and tips in esko workflow

    For esko graphics or artwork systems stuff?


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      Re: training and tips in esko workflow

      Lio -
      The website you mention was put up as a test by one of my colleagues and was so successful that it is presently being incorporated into a broader and more comprehensive project of access to information for our customers. Hopefully we'll see that soon. There are still alternatives.

      EskoArtwork offers detailed training on all of its products. This training can vary and be tailored to suit the needs and objectives of you and your business. We offer classroom training at one of our offices, onsite at your facilities, and even web-based live training sessions. We can provide workflow audits, where one of our professionals comes in and evaluates your present workflow and then suggests actions to optimize what you have or show you other pieces of the EskoArtwork puzzle that may improve your overall prepress situation. If you are interested, just call on of our offices.

      Other venues are certainly the kind of feedback you can get from current EskoArtwork users like yourself. These print forums are great, and you may want to look into the AEG (Association of Esko Users)

      AEG is an independently run organization of EskoArtwork users. One of the great benefits of belonging to AEG is their annual meeting where they invite EskoArtwork, its professionals, developers, and product managers for 3 days of interactions, meetings, seminars, training's, and "wish list" sessions all about EskoArtwork products and capabilities. We also tend to show previews of new products and updates at AEG as well.

      There is general information about products at, There are some videos ( more to come ) and podcasts available there as well.

      The first step is to know what you want know, meaning if you can zero in on the kind of information you are seeking then choosing the method of finding the information gets a lot easier and the feedback you get becomes much more effective. If EskoArtwork can help, gives us a call.


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        Re: training and tips in esko workflow

        i want to get online training from esko how can i pay for this and how much costs ?


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          Re: training and tips in esko workflow

          Lio -

          Email me your name, company, Esko Customer ID ( if you have one, and know it ), your location, and I will have the appropriate person contact you.
          Or call EskoArtwork service support, if you are in or serviced by the U.S. offices the number is 1-800-743-7137.

          Regards - peter


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            Re: training and tips in esko workflow

            For more information.

            EskoArtwork users can go to and request a log on.
            This site offers registered users information on all of the EskoArtwork products and is a great resource.
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