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Problem with tiffs from Nexus Edit

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  • Problem with tiffs from Nexus Edit

    Need some help here. I just had a customer tell me that some plates they received had "lines" running through them in certain areas. I opened my Nexus Edit file and examined it -- the lines do not appear there. I then opened my final tiffs, which are used to make digital plates, and when I zoom in close enough, I can see the lines. They are minuscule - 1 pixel wide, and they appear in areas where there clearly are NO lines on my NE file. Some background: the original art is built in Illustrator CS2, imported into Nexus using 8.5 rev 3. The background of the job is a transparency over a solid red. When it is built in CS, the transparent image is placed and stepped to fill the space. When it rips into NE, there is a tiny overlap between the images. This has never been a problem before -- I run this job all the time, and have sent out successful tiffs and plates for months. Now all of a sudden, these lines are showing up.

    NOW: we've found out that another group of jobs are showing that same line, in a different place. I'd really wonder if the lines were all in the same place, but this is a different place. The original job is built the same way, CS2, imported the same way. Also, the lines will show up reversed out of some colors, solid through other colors. Definitely not consistent at all. But they always seem to coincide with those transparencies and where they meet other transparencies or other artwork.

    I hope someone understands what I'm talking about -- I feel like I'm rambling here because I'm totally clueless as to why this is happening. This did not coincide with an upgrade or anything -- jobs I ran a month ago ran fine, jobs I'm running now, same upgrade, same set-up, have these lines. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, advice? I have a PDF that better explains what I'm talking about if anyone wants it. I could email? Post to an FTP? It's too large to attach here.


    PS -- we've got a call and an email in to AWS/EskoArtwork, but no response yet.

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    Re: Problem with tiffs from Nexus Edit

    Look into your CS files. Transparencies will run smoothly if they are the ”Normal” or ”Multiply” kind of transparencies. In past experiences, we could'nt get rid of these lines either but we discovered that when they were actually 1 pixel thick, they would'nt image on plate. I am talking about polymer flexo plates. The light gap was just too narrow to actually image.
    I hope I helped.


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      Re: Problem with tiffs from Nexus Edit

      Although we are running Nexus 8.4 rev 4 (we can't upgrade due to Processor / RIP issues), we've seen a simalar thing happen here the last month or 2.

      On a file were there is no color (just white background = paper color), after the RIP, a smal black line appears. When we look at the original file, the black line comes up at a place where a line of a path runs. When we make that path a bit smaller, we don't get the line.
      We've talked to EskoArtwork about it but so far they haven't been able to reproduce the problem at their office.
      For the mean time, we check almost e

      Feel free to mail me your PDF. Maybe it's the same thing we're having here.


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        Re: Problem with tiffs from Nexus Edit

        Try embedding the CT in the Native app. Are you using the Total RIP? I have my "TIFF Strip" Set to 1 Scanline in the Nexus Assembler module? We had this issue. We are 98% PDF WF and embedding the CT in Indy or Illy seems to remove the problem. The 1 Scanline thing, also...



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          Re: Problem with tiffs from Nexus Edit

          We have been experiencing similar instances here. Typically, if the initial file is a PSD document, we will see horizontal and vertical lines in a CT. If we resave the placed image as a Tiff file, the lines typically disappear. This led me to believe that it was an issue somewhere between Artwork Systems, and Adobe, or possibly even OS10.5. However, one of our operators recently had an issue with lines, and retried the file through his Nexus workflow, and the lines disappeared, which tells me that the problem is with Esko-Artworks Nexus. We are running 8.5.3 on a Windows Server 2003 system. The files are being sent from CS3 on a Mac running 10.5.


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            the lines seem to be from effects in illustrator over photoshop files which creates many many tiff files (maybe hundreds) but we have not seen them make it to plate (screen aberration).


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