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nexus 8.0rev6 CIP3 help

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  • nexus 8.0rev6 CIP3 help

    I am hoping another Atrworks user out there will be able to help me with this. My company recently added presses that require CIP3 data, so while I am new to CIP3 I have been using Nexus for a few years now.

    What I have done is modify a “basic” output WF to generate the CIP3 files. After sending the sample files off to my press vendor they asked me to make changes to the info that Nexus generates.

    Here’s where I am having a problem, the vendor asked me to change the /CIP3AdmSheetName and I believe I found the control for that in Nexus’ “generate CIP3 module”. However none of the input I enter into that template gets sent out with the CIP3 file. At the same time I _AM_ able to make changes to the /CIP3AdmJobName which is controlled in the same module. Am I missing some other control for this action?


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    Re: nexus 8.0rev6 CIP3 help

    we had the same problem. everything was fine until we started using our pdf workflows. the files would get out to press but no info was in the file. come to find out it was the way we were naming our files from Preps. when we printed from preps we had to add (A11.) or (B11.) depending if it was the front or the back of the signature.



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      Re: nexus 8.0rev6 CIP3 help

      First: let me say thanks for getting involved with this. So if I understand, you had to change your naming convention upstream in order to make this work.

      Here's what I still don't get though; we are using Dynastrip for imposition before creating a Nexus basic-output-wf, which associates the Dynastrip file name/description (typically "16pg_magazine" or "24pg_tabloid"). Are you suggesting that in order to send good info to the CIP3 module we'd have to change our naming convention too? Additionally, we would no longer be able to send more than 1 plate to an output-wf at a time.

      The reason I am asking what seems overly obvious, is I'm getting "WEB 1" as the variable in the /CIP3AdmSheetName slot, but you'll note that "WEB 1" doesnt appear in any of the job or wf name. Any additional input would be appreciated, in the meanwhile I am going to start tearing the system apart to see if I get lucky and find where this "WEB 1" is being introduced.


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        Re: nexus 8.0rev6 CIP3 help

        it might be better if we can chat on a phone. it will take me a month to put it into words. sorry.
        can you give me a phone number?


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          Re: nexus 8.0rev6 CIP3 help

          sure! 631.345.3800x223... can we plan on a call tomorrow after 1030am (I'm on eastern time)? thanks in advance!


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