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  • ARTPRO printing

    What I am trying to do is take a separated AI file into ARTPRO and print color separations from a composite file?
    So far we have only been able to get black and white, or composite prints.

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    Re: ARTPRO printing

    In the Print Dialog palette, there is a button for separations. Turn on the color channel you want to output, turn off the ones you don't want to output.


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      Re: ARTPRO printing

      Do you mean you want to make a separated proof and print each separation in the correct color instead of b&w?
      To do this you actually need a composite multipage PS file where each color is on a separate page.

      Any specific reason why you want to do that? The colors will not be accurate and you won't be able to see much for light colors like yellow.

      Not sure if it's possible to do that directly from Artpro, maybe with one of the "more printsettings", but I think you will need a RIP that can do this for you like Nexus.


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        Re: ARTPRO printing

        You can get ArtPro to separate the file on screen and keep the separations appearing in their own colours.

        Go to Step & Repeat Interactive. Choose the advanced tab. Select all object in your job and click separate.

        Not sure if this is what you were after...



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