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  • BackStage

    I have a question about BackStage that I hope someone can answer:

    When I run a workflow task from Illustrator using a report ticket we are finding that if we use
    a Pantone colour ending in 'U' backstage is converting it to a C.

    We produced a job that uses Pantone 485 U in Adobe Illustrator CS3 via Adobe's Swatch Libraries and then run a ticket that:

    Normalizes the file --> Create's a ReportCard --> Print's it --> Creates a PDF 1.4

    That then creates a PDF and prints it showing the ink now converted to Pantone 485 C.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: BackStage

    Have you checked the advanced setting in the export to pdf stage of the workflow, there is an option to change the suffix for pantone inks.


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      Re: BackStage


      I am just creating a Normalized pdf and it does not having any option of what I can see.
      I've tried the Export to PDF settings but it still renames the colour with a C.

      Have you come across this problem as well on your BackStage Server?


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        Re: BackStage

        As far as I know, Esko still doesn't have a Pantone Uncoated library. Try adding an ink to the Designer book exactly as you have it in Illustrator. Not a very practical solution, but it would at least let you know what might be going on.


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          Re: BackStage


          I will give it a go.


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            Re: BackStage

            Sorry but were is the Designer book?


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              Re: BackStage

              Do you have a license of Packedge, or just Backstage w/ Illustrator clients? I'm not sure I've ever seen a designer book editor outside of Packedge...


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                Re: BackStage

                I think I have found it.
                On our Flex-Rip we have Kaleidoscope installed but not licensed and
                yet if I open it up it has a Ink Book window and within this there is a designer option and Pantone Coated library.
                We do have 1 x PackEdge station but can not find any ink books on this station.
                I have emailed esko but have not had a reply as yet.


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                  Re: BackStage

                  Yeah, Esko only seems to ship with the Pantone Coated library. I've asked about the uncoated book before, but that never really went anywhere. What I was suggesting was seeing if adding a color such as "PMS 485 U" into the designer book, then using that same name in Illustrator would even work...

                  Edited by: Bobby Congdon on Apr 28, 2008 8:13 AM


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