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Nexus 8.5rev2 Trapper Failure "Unknown Error"

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  • Nexus 8.5rev2 Trapper Failure "Unknown Error"

    Over the last couple of days I've started getting "Unkown Error" from the Raster Trap module with certain jobs. These jobs ALWAYS generate the same error, whether I send native PS or PDFs. I contacted AWS and their response was to retry the module (duh) or downgrade to 8.4.4.

    I'm too lazy to downgrade, so what I've been doing is using InSight to trap the pages as desired. I then edit the trap module to Auto Trapping OFF, LW/CT set to None. Then I can retry the trap module (which doesn't do anything) to finish the creation of the Raster Page.

    I haven't had an opportunity to reboot my Nexus box, but I'm curious if other users are experiencing the same issue.

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    Re: Nexus 8.5rev2 Trapper Failure "Unknown Error"

    I have not run across this issue, but I have only run a handful of jobs through 8.5.2. Is there anything special about the job...? Does it have transparencies or some special traps built in, funky spot colors, or something along those lines...? If not and rebooting the server doesn't help, it sounds like a corrupt module or workflow maybe.....


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      Re: Nexus 8.5rev2 Trapper Failure "Unknown Error"

      They are aware of the problem and are looking into it. They say everyone isn't getting errors but some people are. I am one that is and had to drop back to 8.4 rev 4b. I sent them some PDF made from Quark 4 via distiller 5 and they could replicate the problem. Hopefully it's fixed in r3.
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        Re: Nexus 8.5rev2 Trapper Failure "Unknown Error"

        bluvoodoo7: Since it is the already been banded to CT/LW, I don't think transparency or app trap issues come into play. I had a project yesterday of two almost identical pieces, the difference between them being some copy reversing out of a blue bar. One trapped with out incident, the other generated the error. It seems to be arbitrary about what errors, but consistent in that what errors, always errors.

        Joe: I too hope they get it fix'd in r3. It hasn't really hampered things too much, and with my workaround we can still get the work out.


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          Re: Nexus 8.5rev2 Trapper Failure "Unknown Error"

          But don't you get tired of paying to beta test...



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