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  • Server Upgrade

    We are currently using a COMPAQ PROLIANT X86, 499 Mhz dual processor with Windows Server 2000.
    This server is primarily being used for archiving customer's original art as well as Esko PackEdge files.
    To enable us to use this from both Mac and PC platforms we have MacServerIP 9.0 installed.
    This combination has worked well for us, but hardware and software need upgraded.

    Does anyone have any suggestion for an upgrade?
    Is there any other combination of hardware and software out there for this multi-platform use?

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    Re: Server Upgrade

    Mission critical files (active jobs)
    Dell 2950 dual core
    Windows server 2003, 750 Gb raid 5, 2 Gb ram,
    Grouplogic’s Extremezip
    emc’s replistor (mirror in real time to second server, older P3 Compaq proliant 3000 with roughly the same amount of dive space)
    written to tape 3x a week

    None mission critical files (non-active jobs)
    older P3 Compaq proliant front end, running iscsi to adapter snap server 4500 with S50 JBOD set to raid 5, roughly 3Tb drive space
    Read only
    Windows server 2003,
    Grouplogic’s Extremezip
    Written to tape 1x a week

    Only flaw, manual moving files from mission critical to none mission critical server


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      Re: Server Upgrade

      You should look to disc-to-disc backup then with some sort of storage appliance to handle that. It would give you a lot more intelligence and flexibility as well as a "future proof" growth plan.

      Think "iSCSI" for storage.
      Matt Beals
      The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not those of my employer.


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