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Imposition automation with Artpro and Nexus

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  • Imposition automation with Artpro and Nexus


    Working with Artpro and Nexus, we are looking into a way of lifting some workload by automating our step&repeat activity. For the moment we have a workflow were we can make a S&R with one label and that works fine. But we more often have S&R with different labels for one plateset. The workflow uses the Full Step&Repeat module, apllies a marksfile and sets the jobsize correct.
    I was wondering how others are are using the Artpro/Nexus/Shuttle possibilities towards autmatic S&R? Do you use multiple CF2 files for it or not? The XML gateway? Any other options?



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    Re: Imposition automation with Artpro and Nexus

    Not very clear which type of S&R you mean. When it's for example the Nested one (since you mention CF2 files) you can create automated S&R files which assemble different single files. This can be done by using an additional file, which describes the position and the amount of steps from your single file. This file is a normal txt file with the extension .lyt.

    Header starts with;

    ArtPro Nested S&R Layout V1.0

    1up_a 1-3
    1up_b 4-6
    1up_c 7-9

    1up_* stands for the name of the one up file
    1-3 is the position of the single file within your cf2 file



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      Re: Imposition automation with Artpro and Nexus

      For some reason we are not able to use the CF2 files supplied to us for the nested S&R. We use the Full Step&Repeat option. But I would like to build a nested option as you mentioned below. I haven't been able to get an explanation from the suppliers but am waiting for that.

      I heard that it is possible to generate the description file in a browser/web interface. That would be a great way of working.



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        Re: Imposition automation with Artpro and Nexus

        In addition to my previous post:

        I'm really wondering how others have/plan to automate their way of creating step&repeat/impostion files to send to the RIP/CTP.
        I've been looking into this for the past month or so, and besides headaches haven't had much to look forward to.

        My ideal system would be:
        when the plate order is made, all files are copied to a location where the with corresponding jobticket number. In that folder, the correct template file of a S&R or CF2 is copied. The operator just needs te place the images in the correct position and send it to the RIP. Marks and other required elements are placed in the workflow prior to the RIP.
        Is there a system that does this? We're running an Artpro / Nexus show here, so if possible with EskoArtwork packages.

        I'm looking into it because each day, every operator spends 70% of his time making S&R's and that is way to much.

        Really appreciate any input here.


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          Re: Imposition automation with Artpro and Nexus

          Kristof -

          Please take a look at these pages;

          Check out the online demo's, and/or ask your local rep about Plato.
          Yes you can use cf2 files to determine your S&R, yes you can setup auto plate marks. This may be what you are looking for.
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