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Nexus 8.5 Rev 3

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  • Nexus 8.5 Rev 3

    I installed Nexus 8.5 Rev 3 and I am having problems with all my workflows working. I would say 60% of them work the other 40% do not. When I go to flush them from my stitcher monitor they instantly bomb out and give me the following error: Activity Interpret PS/PDF Module Interpreter Description Undefined Filename-%%[ Error: undefinedfilename: OffendingCommand: run ]%%. I have two approvals and some workflow work to each machine and some do not. The age of the workflow also means nothing. I have older and newer ones that work and some that do not. I have also gone and restored from different backups.

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    Re: Nexus 8.5 Rev 3

    I get the same errors sometimes and all AWS has told me is that it's a "postscript error". The only ways that we have been able to remedy it here is to delete the jobs out of the workflow, kill the module that is failing i.e. the interpreter and then send the job through again...


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      Re: Nexus 8.5 Rev 3

      Are you running Nexus on Proactive Boxes?


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        Re: Nexus 8.5 Rev 3

        Nexus box.


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          Re: Nexus 8.5 Rev 3

          I know mine is running on a Proactive box (says so on the front of the machine). IMO some of the best you can get. Having said that, I was told when it was installed by Pitman tech that it was RAID 5. Found that it was 3 drives RAID 0. So no protection for system (on one drive) and the other 2 are striped together do no protection period (if one of those two drives fail, Nexus, Webway, everything goes down). That's why I keep me a VMware Server (free) with a Nexus VM as a backup, so I can run another instance of Nexus on any other physical box in the room if the real Nexus box goes down.



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