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Cutback not working!!

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  • Cutback not working!!

    I have a InDesign 5 document with tables. The top row of cells have a MudBlack file (40/30/30/100) with type reversing out. When I output this to my Nexuas (8.5rev2), it fails to create the correct cutback in the RasterTrap module. Even more frustrating, the Nexus Trapper in InSight also fails to trap the cutback correctly. Why? A PDF also fails.

    I've never seen this before, and of course its on a project that the client brought in late (3:30pm) and wants proofs yet tonight (by 6:30pm)

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    Re: Cutback not working!!

    In the Raster Trapper module, you have the Black Cutback at 100 (so that only black is at 100 and all other colors are at 0)?
    Did checking CT-CT trapping fix it?
    Even with this setup, I have seen it not trap four-color process to other four-color process.
    I have actually used Adobe InDesign's trapping to fix this situation where something should trap but just doesn't.
    Now you see why I haven't upgraded to another product of theirs. If they can't get trapping right, I don't want it.



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      Re: Cutback not working!!

      When you say a mudblack "file" you are talking about an image, right? Which comes out on the CT while the text is in the LW? I ran across this and asked support about it and their response is that there is no way for Nexus to cutback the 3 colors in a CT. If the mudblack is in the LW it should work if your settings are correct in the trapper. In my instance, I ended up having to manually do it in Nexus Edit. You can also do it manually in NEO. (Select text, stroke it, and then color the stroke 0-0-0-100)
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        Re: Cutback not working!!

        RasterTrap Module settings are correct, this is a pure LW piece. I've sent files to EAWS for them to look at.

        It's really strange, it's failing to create cutback trap on vertical exterior edges. The inside of a "D" will trap as well as the outer curve, the the outer vertical won't. If I rotate in the Bander, I get the same problem, but since it rotated, it's significantly less noticeable.

        The element in question is an InDesign Table, not that it should matter, because it's already beem banded. If I place reversing text over a box, that will trap correctly, on the same page!


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          Re: Cutback not working!!

          "MudBlack" is a our Rich Black, made of 40 cyan, 30 magenta, 30 yellow and 100 black. I typo'd earlier, its a MudBlack fill, not file.

          This is a pure LW piece.

          Edited by: GinSu on Nov 15, 2007 3:44 PM


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            Re: Cutback not working!!

            Well EAWS says it works correctly for them, they are running 8.5.3. They gave me a workflow to try, I get the same incorrect results. I'll upgrade sometime next week and see what happens. Hopefully the "Unknown Error" in the Raster Trap module is also fixed.

            I'm still baffled as to why both the Raster Trap module +*and*+ the Nexus Trapper in InSight don't work correctly.


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              Re: Cutback not working!!

              Give this a try it may help...
              Goto your workflow: Raster Trap and uncheck "No registration cut back"



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                Re: Cutback not working!!

                I tried that initially, but since the under colors (40 cyan, 30 magenta and 30 yellow) are not 100%, this setting had no effect. I still have not had an opportunity to upgarde to 8.5.3. I'll let you know if this fixes it.


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