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Artpro 8.6 rev 1 / rev2

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  • Artpro 8.6 rev 1 / rev2

    After installing AP 8.6 rev2, I seem to be having problems saving files the way we do around here. A default fillename here for example is:
    123456-12 B_V1.3.ap

    But now AP says I can't save my file like that anymore (see attachment screenshot). It looks like you can only have one dot in your filename. I tried saving a file like this: 123456-12 B_V8. and got the message the file has extension 8.

    Anyone else out there experiencing this? Support says they haven't had this report yet.

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    Re: Artpro 8.6 rev 1 / rev2

    Nope - not encountered this issue.

    Have you tried turning off the 'Append file extension...' setting in Artpro preferences?


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      Re: Artpro 8.6 rev 1 / rev2

      I've tried about everything regarding the file extension.

      Apperently they haven't had that report at AWS and we're currently waiting for feedback from them.


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        Re: Artpro 8.6 rev 1 / rev2

        We are using this revision and I just tried to reproduce that problem and can't do it. Not to wag a finger at you, but it's not a best practice to have more than one "dot" in a file name. One can't predict how future file management systems may handle this and it can cause issues (I know from experience) in mixed Win/Mac/UNIX environments. So . . .

        The naming protocol I use (and have consulted with others to use) looks a little like this:


        I generally don't allow revisions to be kept, but, if I did, they would all be in exactly the same location with precisely this naming convention, archived as ZIP, except for the actively proofing or approved version. Simplicity and the application of the A-type personality saves untold bucks every year, not to mention increase client confidence. They can't get a proof of the wrong file if the file doesn't exist.


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          Re: Artpro 8.6 rev 1 / rev2

          Thanks for the input. I was evolving towards such a thought. Now it's a matter of trying to convince everyone else this is a problem.

          Thanks again and the best for 2008!


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