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ExtremeZ-IP compatibility with Nexus on Windows 2003 Server

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  • ExtremeZ-IP compatibility with Nexus on Windows 2003 Server

    I was wondering if any one was running ExtremeZ-IP on the same Windows 2003 Server as their Nexus Rip was running and if there are any problems in doing so? Currently we have one Windows 2003 Server box for Nexus and another for our File storage and I would like to install ExtremeZ-IP on both to help with communication with the Mac's, especially file naming problems.

    thanks in advance for any info,


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    Re: ExtremeZ-IP compatibility with Nexus on Windows 2003 Server


    I have been on both sides of this fence-as an Application Specialst for AWS and an Admin. Long (and AWS) will tell you no-do not use ExtremeZ-IP. When working there-I said the company line. I have also used it in production without a problem on Windows 2003 Servers with no problems.

    Its expensive and some say useless. I liked it.



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      Re: ExtremeZ-IP compatibility with Nexus on Windows 2003 Server

      And why should we not use it according to AWS?

      We're also considering the option of installing it on our Nexus machine. Our data server allready has the extremez-ip installed and that seems to work pretty well. To speed up our shuttle activity I have been asking the same question here and there.


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        Re: ExtremeZ-IP compatibility with Nexus on Windows 2003 Server

        Ask Long over at Artworks and see what he says.

        Like I said, I had zero problems with it. I do know when ever I asked about it, I was told "we do not support that". I guess its more of a matter of finger pointing if there is a problem.

        I was also told that Nexus would not run on the Enterprise version of Windows 2003 with 8 gigs of ram, but I ran it like that for at least 2 years.

        Just remember, unlike most prepress venders, AWS let you install the software on anything you wanted. This creates a lot of configurations and a lot of potential problems in the field.

        I also remember a problem if you keep all your LW/CT on an Xserver and the Rip is on a PC. From the NexusManager you could not double click and open them. This might be fixed by now-its been a while.

        Hope this helps.


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          Re: ExtremeZ-IP compatibility with Nexus on Windows 2003 Server

          Thanks for the input Mark, I remember when we were told not to even run Nexus on Windows 2003, just 2000!

          I remember having the same issues with opening CT/LW also when we had a loaner Dell Box from AWS while Long was checking out our Rip Xserve, what a pain. Even now at the company I am currently with we file serve on Windows 2003 and our rip is on Windows 2003 and since we are limited to 31 characters.. Nexus truncates plate names when we generate 1-bit Tiffs so they can't be opened from the manager into Dotspy, it is a pain having to control+click and reveal and drag the tiffs to dotspy to view and hope you get the correct color plate you were looking for.

          Who knows maybe I will just go all Mac and avoid this whole issue

          Thanks again,


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