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Pantone reproduction accuracy

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  • Pantone reproduction accuracy

    I am using Flexproof and a Kaleidoscope-written proofer profile and my proofer is an Epson 9600 or 9800. My question: many of the Pantone colors are not very acurate on proof. Not only the ones suspected to be out of the proofer's profile. How can I finetune these out-of-specs colors?

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    Re: Pantone reproduction accuracy

    We have the same problem and have started to edit the pantone color values in the Spocolor editor (flexoproof software that came with our Epson 9800 and gmg rip software) trying to match the pantone book (visualy). Very time consuming in the beginning but after a while it starts to pay off.


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      Re: Pantone reproduction accuracy

      Thank you for this reply. I was mostly wondering if anyone had succesfully done this using only Esko softwares and Rips?


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        Re: Pantone reproduction accuracy

        are you using the destination profile for pms matching in the convert special inks option? we use the constant hue option aswell so the really bright color dont shift to much. also kalidoscope will throw the color of specials that are not exactly named right. eg 485 named as PMS 485 instead of PANTONE 485 C. (it uses the rgb values from the file instead of looking up the right values) and finally you can set custom CMYK values for any ink and map custom inks to any pms.

        what flexrip are you using? we have just moved to FlexRip/E which allows you to utilize all the printer inks (we could only send cmyk with the tiff option) should bring those out of reach colours closer...

        hope that helped


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          Re: Pantone reproduction accuracy

          FlexProofE: I just tried to switch from GDI to E and did not have a good switch.
          We went back to gdi. How is the color matching now with FlexE?
          Main reason I wanted to switch was for better/closer Pantone matching.


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            Re: Pantone reproduction accuracy

            Hi, sorry for the late reply, but I do not visit this forum on a daily basis. (I believe it is my first post actually)

            There are 2 main roads to choose between

            A) measure your own pantone book. In the strategy you can map the EskoArtwork Pantone book to yours.
            (plus) Once it is done you can use this new book for all your output devices
            (min) The Lab values you aim for are the same for all devices and substrates

            B) Use the refinement tools in the exeption list. The grid chart function (New in Esko Software Suite 7) is great. You print out a range of patches and simply pick the on you like best. But there are more refinement tools to change each ink individualy.
            (plus) best accuracy possible
            (min) more work, as you can not transfer these separation values to other substrates nor devices.

            Concerning Esko flexProof/E. We implement the EFI linearisation (Including generic profiles and Lin-tool). But the gradation measurement and strategy functionality is the same for all Esko proofer output. The options as I described are valid for both FlexProof/E as FlexProof/GDI.


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