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Fuji Luxel F-9000 Image Setter Error 210.

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  • Fuji Luxel F-9000 Image Setter Error 210.

    I am in a trouble with Fuji Luxel F-9000 Image Setter. The Travers is mooving fast and smoothly.Traverse Carriage movement and Green Lamp of the Traverse READHEAD is OK. But when I load the Film it comes out from the Film Cassette and stopped at the entrance of the Traverse Carriage and shows Error 210. I have replaced the Film Cassette, Film, Film Loading Motor but Error is almost same. I think Vacuum Assemblies are causing the problem. Anyhow 3 Solenoids of the Vacuum Assemblies are not working and causing the problem.I am not over confirm but may be. Please anybody suggest me what to do, I will be ever grateful.

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    This problem is due to Vacuam Pump Section. I have some questions
    about the Vacuum Pump. If anybody reply me I will be ever grateful.

    1) When the Vacuum Pump will Turn ON and how long it will
    remain ON ?

    2) The Solenoid Valves are controlling the air blow of the
    Vacuum Pump into the Drum. So if I arrange the Vacuum Pump
    to remain ON continuously, will it be affecting another
    stages ?

    3) How long the Vacuum Pump can be remain ON continuously ?


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