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ColorPath Won't Launch

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  • ColorPath Won't Launch

    Almost up-to-date install of XMF, and the ColorPath module won't launch through Safari as it's configured. It prompts to install Silverlight (ugh, WHY is that still a thing??) and even after doing so, ColorPath still asks for the install over & over.

    I do have a pending appointment to update to the latest version of XMF, have they finally put Silverlight in the trash where it belongs & are using something more modern like HTML5?

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    Mystery solved, Silverlight will be nixed in the following Server update. There's a workaround to use a specific Firefox version on the Mac, NOT the newest one, but I'm not bothering unless absolutely necessary.


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      Yes, the lastest version uses HTML 5.
      In any case, just to help anyone that arrives here, for the old version (up to 6.6) you need firefox esr 52.9, available here:


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