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Harlequin flushes transparency...

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  • Harlequin flushes transparency...

    We are using Harlequin rips v7.1
    We have serious troubles with pdf's containing transparency.

    In many cases the rip is processing a page for up to 1 hour, then it flushes the job and goes to the next job. No warnings no nothing.

    We are also using TrapPro, this is also a big memory and time consumer. And together wit heavy transparency it is almost doomed to go wrong.
    Here we get the message that the limit of 245mb is reached. I cannot find any place where I can change this memory setting.

    All pages are single pdf's in typically 210x297 mm ripped at 2400 dpi

    Hardware are Dell servers 2.0Ghz, equipped with 3 GB memory.

    Same pages are running like a dream in our new pdf-engine in our newly installed ApogeeX 4 workflow. A shame as I think Harlequin were the best, when it only had to handle postscript.

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    Re: Harlequin flushes transparency...

    If that is really the problem...
    you could make sure your settings are proper for the task
    save the PDF from Acrobat as an .eps file and throw that into the RIP.



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      Re: Harlequin flushes transparency...

      Try upgrading to Harlequin rips v7.2.



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        Re: Harlequin flushes transparency...

        If you are going to be trapping transparency jobs with a Harlequin Rip then the first thing you should do is upgrade to I-Trap instead of Trap Pro! I-Trap uses a completely different mechanism for trapping that does not require any additional memory over what the basic rip needs! I-Trap handles trapping transparency jobs much better than Trap Pro in Automatic Mode - and with the Interactive Mode that is available with I-Trap you will be able to control all of the trapping to achieve 100% quality in every job.

        You are welcome to download and install a fully functional 30 day trial version of I-Trap
        Below is the link to download the latest I-Trap installer. This link is for the PC version of I-Trap and it can be installed in a fully functional trial mode using the soft license option. Please run this installer on your PC station that has the Harlequin Rip. During the installation there is a registration form, please fill this out fully and completely. It creates a file called "Regform.ldr" on your desktop. Email this file to and request a 30 day trial license.

        The version 3 I-Trap:
        Login and password are: i04tr04ap


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          Re: Harlequin flushes transparency...

          I've seen a lot of problems with 7.0 and 7.1 when processing pdfs with transparencies, or pdfs generated from cs3. You must update to 7.2, or ver. 8 even better. They say the harlequin v. 8 is fully compatible w. Acrobat 8 etc look at the specs.
          Most OEM manufacturers have released 8.


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            Re: Harlequin flushes transparency...

            Which brand are you using? which OS and Have you configured the system to use all 3GB of RAM? (it can take more than just having the physical RAM installed to get the all the power of 3GB working for the RIP


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