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Metadimension 5.0 doesn't auto delete jobs

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  • Metadimension 5.0 doesn't auto delete jobs


    I set Metadimension to delete jobs after 96:00 hours but it doen's work. I have to delete jobs manually.
    Any thoughts?


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    Re: Metadimension 5.0 doesn't auto delete jobs

    Hello . I am a tech for Heidelberg products in Portugal.
    The time is always count in running time on RIP. Don´t count in days , or you have leave the rip always running.

    Hope this can help you, and its time to update your rip buy the latest version 6.5 with PDF PrintEngine

    All the Best
    Paulo Jorge Azevedo~


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      Re: Metadimension 5.0 doesn't auto delete jobs

      I have 6.5 (upgraded this spring before the release of the Adobe PDF engine)
      and have not been contacted by Heidelberg about
      the update to the Adobe PDF engine RIP
      even though I was told it would be part of our 6.5 package purchased earlier this year - when released.
      As a matter of fact:
      our super Heidelberg Pacific NorthWest PrePress support representative was replaced this summer
      and since
      we have heard NOTHING from Heidelberg Prepress support.
      And - as a matter of fact:
      I have personally called our new PrePress rep, on more than one occasion,
      and reached only voice mail
      my calls have NEVER been returned.
      What is the deal with that?
      Sorry -- I know this has nothing to do with you and it is not your fault or concern -
      Portugal is many miles from here.
      (Meanwhile, I would be interested in relocating to Portugal if you know of anything that could work out for me.)

      Happy New Year everybody,


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        Re: Metadimension 5.0 doesn't auto delete jobs

        Hi MSD,

        If you can please PM me who you have been calling along with any other details you can provide, I will look into this. Please also provide your full name, company and number. Thanks.


        Mark Tonkovich
        Heidelberg USA
        Product Manager, CtP & Proofing
        Mark Tonkovich
        Heidelberg USA


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          Re: Metadimension 5.0 doesn't auto delete jobs

          Paulo thanks for your answer.

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