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Printready and OS X 10.5?

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  • Printready and OS X 10.5?

    When will Printready support 10.5? Currently it does not and all new shipping Macs come preloaded with 10.5. We would like to upgrade our hardware to the latest generation of Macs but this is holding us back. If anyone has 10.5 working we would be interested to know how you got it to work?

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    Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

    Hi prepressguru,

    I am testing Printready and Signastation on Leopard. I have no issues and it seems everything works OK.
    I use Printready 3.0 Build 468 and Signastation 2.0.9 Build 651.5 on a PowerMac G5 Dual Processor.
    I started by finding the install log file on Tiger, then I created/copied everything over in Leopard.
    Had to set some preferences again but otherwise it works just fine.



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      Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

      Hi GMC

      Can you give me some details of your network settings on your Mac? As you know a cockpit install is not straight forward and requires alot of tweeking on the Mac for it to work. There are dependancies on SMB and a techincal document I have seen from HD specifies 10.5 is not supported because SMB was altered in 10.5. I would really like to know how you got it to work. Also any of the adjustment you did to the Hosts file and the SMB file? Signa I am not to concerend because it does not rely on the network to preform.



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        Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

        Hi Prepressguru,

        I was not told all the details so I don't have a clear picture, but here is what I know.
        The cockpit clients make connections to the volumes they need on the fly, meaning you don't have to mount the volumes for Printready server or configuration files manually, before starting the clients.
        We also have a local DNS that must work in order for the clients to be able to connect to the server.
        I tried to add some network info in the Hosts files and change the lookup order and it seems to have improved the performance but I can tell you for sure that if the DNS doesn't work the clients will not initialize.
        Again, the whole process is not clear for me, so sorry if the info is not enough.
        I will come back with more details as I talk to the guys from Heidelberg.



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          Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

          We are going through install and training of latest version of both Signa and Printready and Trainer refused to bother with my Macbook Pro (Intel) preloaded with Leopard.
          He says it doesn't work, period.
          According to him, Apple changed something in SMB (Windows Network protocol) and it's not compatible.
          He suggested we install Tiger on new Macs.
          As I explained to him, Apple ships new Macs preloaded with Leopard and you can't install Tiger, or at least it's not supported by Apple.

          I think Heidelberg should hurry up with support for Leopard, especially if SMB is an issue. Hadn't Microsoft released fully SMB specs to everybody a month or two ago?

          More opinions appreciated.

          Unrelated, Signa is really slick and powerful app.
          I am pleasantly surprised.


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            Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

            HI GMC

            You need all those tweeks just to get the cockpit running on the Macs. Unfortunetly when you apply the same setup on 10.5 it does not work. I have tried. The DNS is running, same ip address and mac names, modifing the host and smb files. But none of it worked. Cockpit reports the printready server is not accessable. This is why I am really surprised you somehow got it to work. Any details of what you had to do on the Mac work be appreciated. And if HD applied any new patches to you prinect server. This could be a possiblity as well.

            10.4 (Tiger) is fine for us. Gives us complete compatibly for now.



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              Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

              You are correct. They should hurry up a figure out how to make it work. I had a similar response with HD as well. I was upgrading to new Macs and was asked to purchase an older model with 10.4. Kinda defeats the purpose of new hardware.

              Maybe when they do fix it they can give cockpit a speed injection. It's the slowest of any app. I lauch it first and then launch all my other apps and cockpit still is not finished loading.....



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                Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?


                Judging by the effort you put into it, it seems that I was just extremely lucky to have Printready to work in Leopard. So here is again everything I did:
                1. I have 2 partitions on my HDD, one with Tiger and one with a fresh install of Leopard. On Tiger side I had everything running nicely. On Leopard side I upgraded to latest 10.5.1 before doing anything else
                2. I located the log file from the Printready install on Tiger: Prinect Cockpit Installer log
                3. I followed every line in the log and copied everything over from Tiger to Leopard.
                4. Did the same for Signastation. Signastation uses a license manager so it needs network access as well.
                5. Connected to PTR001 (name of the Printready server) by clicking its icon in the shared list in Finder.
                6. I didn't change anything in the Hosts files or SMB file in Leopard.
                7. Tried to launch Printready and it worked.

                Maybe the most important aspect that we're missing here is the fact my machine is a PowerMac G5, where yours is an Intel one?



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                  Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

                  I just want to let you know guys that Leopard with latest Update, 10.5.2 seems to work fine with Printready.
                  I updated my Macbook Pro to 10.5.2 and brought it to trainer who refused to test it before.
                  On my insisting he tested it and he was shocked to find out that everything works.
                  There is still no official word yet from Heidelberg so he told me not to use it until we get official go ahead.


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                    Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

                    Hi guys, well i did a clean install of 10.5 and updated it to 10.5.2 and installed cockpit.. but it still doesn't work. Can you guys tell me what settings you have in your netwok settings, sharing and anything else you may have configured in 10.5 to make it work?

                    My cockpit launches and I get a message stating ptjobs reported an error. But I continue past this but it only loads to about 31% and just sits there.


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                      Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

                      I am not sure.
                      My trainer loaded cockpit and latest update.
                      He said it was "normal" install, no special tweaks, hence his shock.

                      My network setting is the same as before, which is mostly default.
                      My Macbook Pro is one of the latest Intel generation, if that helps.


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                        Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

                        Now that Zoran succeeded installing on an Intel machine it seems you have to focus somewhere else.
                        My File Sharing is turned on but only for the Public folder so I don't think it matters.
                        Network settings are: manual IP and DNS address is the one of the local DNS.
                        Firewall is turned off (allow all incoming conections)

                        Start focusing your attention on the network settings at the server side as well.



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                          Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

                          Since we are on the topic, does anyone use multi-user configuration on OSX?

                          It seems that is the only "big" problem for us.
                          I have 2 operators sharing workstation in shifts, sometimes three and they like multi user setup on OSX.
                          However, cockpit only runs under the user where it was installed.
                          My trainer said there were issues with multi-user setup in the past and that it could be fixed, but he is not sure how.

                          Any input?

                          Trainer recommended static IP and same IP range/subnet but my cockpit works on both static and DHCP.


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                            Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

                            We have all Tiger workstations running Printready for multiple users and I don't think we had any major issues other than having to configure the preferences each time for each user.



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                              Re: Printready and OS X 10.5?

                              Thanks Gabriel,

                              What preferences you are talking about?
                              My trainer is more Windows savvy so not much help there from him.


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