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CP2000 Network Problem

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  • CP2000 Network Problem

    Hi all

    I'm working in printhouse with 3 Heidelberg presses.
    My problem is that only one of them see's the computer which contains our ppf-files.
    As far as I can see CP2000 in all 3 presses are set up the same way, at least when it comes to user/password in the ppf-interface.
    And I can see/ping all three machines from the computer with the ppf-files.

    What am I missing?
    Any clues anyone?

    Thx in advance

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    have your IT guy check the PATH setting in cp2000.


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      As far as I know, they have put the same settings in all three machines.
      PATH/User/Psw. But maybe they missed something.

      And IT departements are not so easy to deal with, because they never do anything wrong


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        if all the settings are right then make sure the network cable is properly seated in the IPC.
        i did have a problem once that wound up being a bad network connection. also, if the IT dept. made any changes to the settings or re-installed them, you must reboot the press and sometimes it may take a few times for the settings to take.
        Other than that, the problem may not be on the press end, dare i say, it may be on the other end.
        good luck and let me know what u find


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          Hi and thx for the tip.

          I'll try pulling the cable's a bit next week.
          I'm currently a 1000 miles from the presses



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            It's been my experience that the switch/hub port that a press is ultimately plugged into must be configured for 10MB (10baseT) as that is the speed the IPC's communicate at.

            If the port is configured for auto-negotiation, 100MB (100baseT), or even gigabit, connectivity maybe intermittent at best.

            Best regards,


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              Hello there, I have tonnes of Heidelberg service notes at home I will put on a further post later if you need it. I will say this first, check the path name in CP2000 on each press, it looks at a folder (which must be named differently) on the PPF interface not the other way round, you are using Prepress Interface? The speed of the network switch has no impact 10bT, 100bT, 1000bT or Auto makes no difference. The version of CP2000 may, but I doubt it, they do all have the PresetLink option?



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                Hi David,

                Not to disagree with you but port speed absolutely matters (at least in our case it did). Until we set the port speed to run only at 10baseT speed, press/network connectivity was intermittent (even when the ports were configured for auto-negotiation).

                Best regards,
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                  I agree some networking equipment has issues with auto negotiation. I had a cisco switch/router that would only connect when set to 10BT


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                    We shall have to agree to differ, I cannot explain nor will I engage in an argument with the experience you had. For me, in the many installations I have been involved with this has never been the case or issue.
                    I'm sorry that you did, as it works lets leave it, but that has made me wonder why as CP2000 is a 10/100 device (I trust you are using the correct network pot in CP2000?). Do you use other features such as PlateOnDemand, QualityMonitor, Shop Floor Data Collection or just transferring the PPF file from the workflow to CP2000? As this will impact on CP2000's performance, JMF transfer if it is sitting on 10bT network?

                    But as some assistance to the original thread I have attached a pdf that may offer you some help in your network setup.
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                      Hi David,

                      I am not 100% sure which options the presses have installed on them. In Prepress, we are using Pressroom Manager to process the ink data files we generate from our Agfa workflow. Prepress has no direct connection to the CP2000 consoles.

                      As far as the port speed discussion, as rbailleu pointed out, it may just be the particular network switch our presses are plugged into. Replacing the switch could very well solve the problem altogether allowing the speed to be 100baseT or auto-negotiated.

                      Best regards,


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                        Hi and thank you all for your comittment :-)

                        Heidelberg service department came and made some reinstallations and now we have connection.
                        Exactly where the problem was, I don't know and they did'nt tell either.

                        Now it comes to the next question...
                        With the ppf in place, how do you optimize this the best way.

                        In my previous experience the printers did'nt like this ppf-stuff at first...
                        but now they can't live without it :-)

                        What is the right way to set up the compensationcurves?
                        Try & error, or is there a "smart" way to do it?

                        In this area I'm lost and need all the help I can get,
                        and in my opinion PrintPlanet is one of the best way's to get it



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                          Just to get this clear, as it could be misunderstood, you are talking of optimizing the ppf or compensation curves.

                          Well there is a set of compensation curves already in CP2000 for basic characteristics.

                          Or do you mean "how can I do this so I dont have to always adjust a colour channel" or sparkies magic piano.
                          That is what ColorAssistant can do, spots the operators trend and adjusts to it, when defined. If you do not have ColorAssistant, I have notes and a press sheet I can upload - is it a 74 or 102? A way to think of this workaround is that in effect you are adjusting the press to the workflow. Do not be complacent it works well but its not a 100% way forward.

                          Then there is PCM, Press Colour Management. This is a far better way, it takes time but when it is complete it can be managed. Optimize your press working environment, then ensure your prepress workflow and platesetter are in good shape (mid bath life is better than fresh or on the way out). Print linear straight line curve plates of a standard test form. Armed with your spectophotometer and or densitometer read and adjust your values and build the curve (s) as required. Repeating this process you can build a curve for each paper type, ink type and so on.
                          * Remember to have the right ICC profiles in the workflow or screening engine - a key part to what you want as a standard closed loop *

                          Once calibrated, and if you have it, with ColorAssistant you will be able to refine you print output further... and further... and get better... and better...

                          I hope this might be of some help to you, it is not a full how to do it but I hope it offers an outline of what you are trying to, and might need to do. I will upload the notes I have later if required?


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                            Hi and thanks for the answer.

                            Since we use Prinergy for creating the ppf, we're stuck to using and optimizing the compensation curves in CP2000. My thought was to start with the Heidelberg default, and try to optimize this manually, but we don't know how to do this the best way.

                            I would wery much appreciate you're notes and the pressheet and it's an 102 machine.



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                              What! using Prinergy does not mean you are stuck, no, no, no! I hope my notes can help, you might do better at a later date looking into a full Print Colour Management calibration of the press(s).

                              Anyhow I have attached two pdf files, one is from the PMA and is an indepth guide to ColorAssistant. The second is an evaluation of that I have written more for the pressman, and guidlines of what to do if you do not have ColorAssistant.

                              I have been trying to add these three press sheets as a zip as well...
                              PCM Easy
                              PCM Balance
                              and the PCM Calibartion Sheet

                              I may have add them to another post or find an ftp site
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