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Anybody using HP9500HDN?

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  • Anybody using HP9500HDN?

    Hi we are in the middle of installation and upgrade to latest Printready/Signa workflow.
    We purchased HP9500 HDN proofer.
    It works nice but for some things it just refuses to work properly.
    Does anyone else encounter the same issue or we can write it off to "newbie" steps?

    I just want to trust it as a proofer.


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    Re: Anybody using HP9500HDN?

    List some of the problems.



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      Re: Anybody using HP9500HDN?

      Some problems would be job sent hangs at 49%.
      It doesn't pause or abort, it just says processing and it goes on forever.
      It's the same thing when I try either booklet proof from imposition or page proof from actual PDF pages (same job).
      CPSI or APPE doesn't make any difference.

      Another case would be job aborts with message that output device failed or similar message. Paper comes out with error from HP with PCL, etcc (HP uses PCL I suppose??).

      Third case would be booklet proof doesn't backup properly, but it could be due to this above message.

      Out of 4 jobs we tried, 3 have issues.
      As I said, I would like to write it off to a newbie not being able to troubleshoot and probably doing something wrong.


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        Re: Anybody using HP9500HDN?

        If anybody care and look into this thread, problem went away with installing WIndows driver and using it temporary until Heidelberg patches bug in their driver.


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          Re: Anybody using HP9500HDN?

          What is your latest upgrade? - META 6.5? - Adobe PDF Engine?
          I had things like that with 6.2



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            Re: Anybody using HP9500HDN?

            6.5 with Adobe PDF Print Engine.
            It's brand new system, purchased couple of months ago.

            Are you using HP9500?
            If not, what are you using for imposition proofs?


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              Re: Anybody using HP9500HDN?

              I am on the HP5500
              and just getting ready to get something new
              Have been looking at the z6100 and 2100 (as I recall)
              No decisions yet
              not any problems with the 5500 and 6.5 and the Print Engine.
              Proofing actually gained about 300% in its processing. (New shooter box though)



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