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    Hi sir.
    I did not receive any PIC from yours.
    However i can explain something about his problem with his Main Drive Power Supply-36 module
    1) The electronic components , that did you buy probably Are NOT 100% compatible with the Heidelberg Components.
    2) They manufactures with strictly number, and possible you did buy some Generic components. they are NOT have the same electrical/electronic parameters.
    3) Many suppliers electronic store, they sell as Alternative, BUT they know is possible they will NOT work in the practice.
    4) Assuming that they are o.k the electronic componenets are originall.
    5) You must 100% sure that other components are NOT open, leakage, short, and out of Tolerance like resistor,etc.
    6) The heidelberg SM74 like any other SM , are new Tech with Brushless main drive.
    7) Have many section like 15Z1 filter, and the Part BLT /TTk rectifies the three phases supply intermediate circuite voltage,to the six power transistors which are set up as a Three phases brige.Depending on the information received from the control electronics, transistor feed current to the main motor.
    8) You must sure the power supply in his machine is 100% o.k within tolerance indicates by Heidelberg D. M.
    Let me know


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