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Tivoli Archive Manager - seting up LTO3 drive via RSM and TSM on server

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  • Tivoli Archive Manager - seting up LTO3 drive via RSM and TSM on server

    Does anyone have any info or suggestions for configuring an HP LTO3 auto tape loader (8 tapes 1 drive) onto a printready sever?
    I am getting nowere with our own IT who dont seem to be very helpfull. Heidelberg have tried to configure their TSM into printready but they say there is an issue witht the drive being seen correctly by the server.

    *IT comments...*
    +"99% of the time you don't load the manufactures drivers for a backup device. Instead you load software specific drivers for the backup program such as Tivoli, Veritas, ArcServe, etc. That's why HP don't have a driver for the autoloader and ultimately why it's not working as expected."+

    *Heidelberg comments...*
    +"We don't use the Tivoli drivers we use RSM to control the device (see attached screenshot for reference). Tivoli works in conjunction with RSM (this allows the device to be used by other applications such as backup. Removable Storage Manager (RSM), as this is the component that connects Prinect Archiver (via Tivoli Storage Manager) to the library. At the moment the device being 2 parts, a library and a tape drive appear okay in the device list on the server - however RSM does not see this "combined" device correctly. It only sees the tape drive.... "+

    Had anyone had success with an intalled LTO3 Drive onto printect servers?

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