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  • Prinergy Plate Queue

    We image about 1500 plates a week and have anything up to 400 plates in the queue. We send the plates down as one bit tiffs ( as recommended by Creo) but the plate queue is awful. To move a job to the top ofr the list we have to move each plate up one at a time - does anyone have abetter solution.

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    Re: Prinergy Plate Queue

    Hmmm, how can I put this diplomatically? Oh yes, the 1-bit TIFF workflow is stupid. Switch licenses, go direct. Why did the Creo guy recommend a TIFF workflow?

    They wanted to do a one bit TIFF workflow here originally but I told them that implementing the Prinergy TIFF workflow is so bad that it could cause a rip in the space-time continuum and cause the end of all life on the planet.

    Who here has the one-bit TIFF workflow and is happy with it?

    Let me know if I am being too subtle with my messaging.....
    Prepress Pilgrim
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      Re: Prinergy Plate Queue

      Please be as rude as u like -
      Heidelberg recommended it and when we switched over to Creo - they installed the Prinergy plate queue ( saying the H didnt know what they were doing) and then when they saw the issues - phoned their man in Vancover and he said one bit tiff is the solution.

      I had hoped that someone from Kodak might help

      Peter Arnel
      <<< Can someone from Kodak nudge --John Bracken >>>>


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        Re: Prinergy Plate Queue

        I work with Creo and when I need to change properties (prorities) I highlight the plate I want moved up in the queue, and then right-hand click it. You can also group an entire job this way, then, once it's moved up (via prioritizing the grouping, can ungroup it. Not sure whether my emplyer uses one-bit tiff or not, sorry. We don't have near your volume, although close; still, I can't imagine 400 in lineat the same time. I'm needing blood pressure pills just thinking about it!

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