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Font issues on Prinergy Evo--but no font error message!

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  • Font issues on Prinergy Evo--but no font error message!

    Hi, right now (like at this moment) I am (attempting) to print out a calender. The customer (haha--it's in-house) has them as PDF's...don't know what she used to get them, I think Quark. Well what's happening is this: When I try to normalize the PDF's I keep getting a "fatal error" message, (not a postscript error). So then I thought to try and directly inmport the PDF's into my run list, and they went in fine. But when I did a VPS of them, I noticed that some of the fonts weren't any good, they reverted to Courier. And it's the month titles, of course, couldn't be anything little like that (of couse not!).

    Any ideas? there's no "X" on the proof, just the fonts crapped out. I've worked on Evo for over 2 years and never had this happen before.

    PS. I'm more of a imposition person, not too much on pre-flight, so you might need to talk s l o w.

    Thank you very much for any ideas/help!! It would be nice to get this job out.

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    Re: Font issues on Prinergy Evo--but no font error message!

    Ok, duh, it was the way they sent it--it wasn't printed right. In-house jobs give me more problems than the darm customers!!


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      Re: Font issues on Prinergy Evo--but no font error message!

      You really shouldn't skip the refining process as a troubleshooting method. Refining is the key to a predictable result. I would recommend that you lose that from your arsenal.

      I agree that in-house files are more trouble than commercial customers, they know that they can get away with being lazy when creating files for pre-press because they usually don't get charged.

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        Re: Font issues on Prinergy Evo--but no font error message!

        Exactly. They worked on it the next day, and all went well. Also, I don't normally skip the refining process--actually I NEVER skip the refining process--but I was just curious enough to see the result, which was as I expected, unusable.

        PS. Funny ending to this story--after all this went down, the head pressman who printed the calendar did it wrong. It was a stitch and trim, you know, had to be uncut to go thru the binder and get stapled? Well, he put a lap on it, then...slit the job. So anyway our newspaper customers, all 40,000 of them, are getting a calendar without staples on the fold. Try hanging that on your wall! Plus the bleed wasn't trimmed, (since it didn't go thru the bindery process), so there's still a lap on it, with uneven white edges all around. His excuse? "Didn't see the words 'do not cut' on the job."

        Ever wonder why we CTP operators drink...?


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