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Adding a Printer in Prinergy

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  • Adding a Printer in Prinergy

    We are installing a Epson 9880 with an Oris front end.

    How do I set prinergy up to see the Hot folder printer queues. So I can create process plans.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Re: Adding a Printer in Prinergy

    Hi there, here goes;

    Point the Oris rip to look for files in a folder on its hard drive. Name the folder and share it out.

    On the Prinergy side, create a process plan with a output of 720 dpi TIFF CT (256 levels). Actually, just use one of the old Epson 9000 default process plans. Still good.

    In the sub-menu output of the process plan, type in the UNC path \\NAMEOFCOMPUTERTHATHASORISRIP\SHAREDFOLDER.

    If Prinergy barfs out a message saying it can't find the folder, then you may need to add the input volume. Go to the Prinergy administrator, under tools->configure system->input volumes, add the Oris server. Then Prinergy should "see" the server and away you go.

    Let me know if those instructions help you out. If it's too confusing without screencaps, then I will try to post up the procedure on my blog.]

    cheers ,DJ


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      Re: Adding a Printer in Prinergy

      Thank you very much that procedure worked very well.


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        Re: Adding a Printer in Prinergy

        We have the same workflow. We have 2 Epson 9800 with ORIS Color Tuner.

        The problem with a TIFF workflow is it does hold the spot color info. It converts everything to 4 color and does not use ORIS color tuner spot color LUT.

        We were sending files over a vector PDF files, but had problems with transparencies not proofing correct.

        We are now sending over Postscript(PS3) files over to the ORIS hotfolders. The files are HUGE but less problems.

        I would like to go back to a PDF output. CGS told me that they are working on the transparency issues.



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          Re: Adding a Printer in Prinergy

          When Prinergy converts spot colors and makes a four-color TIFF, you have the choice of it extracting the color recipe or pointing it to a LUT. In the process plan, look in the submenu color convert, and you will see the selection options to do this. You would want to point the spot color recipe to a LUT that synchronzied with the ORIS LUT.

          Conversely, if the ORIS can handle separated output, try outputting DCS single file contone (setting shades to 256) at 720 dpi.

          We use to send DCS single file to the old Kodak XP4s and Polaproof with the Harlequin RIPs and it worked okay.

          cheers, DJ


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