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Updating an old Preps 3.7 file to Preps 5.3

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  • Updating an old Preps 3.7 file to Preps 5.3

    We just bought a newer version of Preps (Version 5.3) and made the transition.

    The question I have is about opening old Preps jobs in the newer version.

    If I just open up a job in Preps 5.3 that was created in Preps 3.7 yesterday and select "Print", then Preps file goes to the Brisque with "X's" in place of where the Rip'd files would appear.

    I know that I have to add the Rip'd files to the panel at the top, but do I also have to add them to the run list again, or can I just tell Preps where they are located on the Brisque, like I did in the old 3.7 version.

    I have attached what the Preps window looks like.

    Next question: I have some blank Preps jobs that navigate to different folders on my Brisque. So if we are doing a job of Pocket folders, I open up the Preps master "Pocket folder" job and it was automatically linked to the "Pocket Folder" folder on the Brisque. Then if we did business cards, I would open up a Preps master job that was linked to that "business card" folder on the Brisque.

    I'm having difficulties changing where Preps looks for files. It seems as if I can only change it in the preferences and it stays in the Preferences and not with the individual job.
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