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  • Video Plate Punch & Thermal Direct

    Ok this one's going to be a good one.

    Does anyone know of any filters that I can get for my microscopes on my Video Plate punch which will make it possible to view cross hairs on Thermal Direct Plates?

    The picture below is the same model as we have. The reason I ask is the Magnus 400 Punches are no where near as accurate as the video plate punch was with our film workflow. Because the plate is centred first, then punched and imaged from the edge (not loaded onto pins on the drum)

    If the plates are slighty different sizes the lateral position is out, which is annoying and wastes more on press.

    The video plate punches are so darn accurate that when doing makeready's on the same stock there is NO Adjustment necessary. Absolutely perfect!

    Less pulls, less time, less waste....

    Please if anyone knows of way to get my microscopes to read them I'd love to hear it!


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    Re: Video Plate Punch & Thermal Direct

    Before you find a better way - you can clean part of the plate by napkin with dampening solution....
    Ctp Kodak Magnus 4570 III Quantum X-Speed MCU - foreva!


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      Re: Video Plate Punch & Thermal Direct

      You know I didn't even think about that!

      It's not going to affect exposure, just part of the plate will be developed. I'll test that to see whether the plate is high enough contrast after developing to see a cross hairs!

      Thanks Alex!


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        Re: Video Plate Punch & Thermal Direct


        You little beauty!!!

        Worked a charm. Thanks for the simple but effective advice!




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          Re: Video Plate Punch & Thermal Direct

          Yup, a Webril and Windex, is all your plate room needs.
          (Ammonia based cleaners of any sort will clear the plate).

          - Mac


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            Re: Video Plate Punch & Thermal Direct

            Has anyone found an effective solution for increasing the contrast of the developed or undeveloped image on Fuji or Kodak thermal plates?

            MatchPrint used iodine on the yellow proof, Cromalin used a touch of black toner, PDI bi-metal plates were darkened with a solution of sulfurated potash. What can be used on these plates with extremely low contrast images?


            Larry Goldberg


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              Re: Video Plate Punch & Thermal Direct


              Cheers for that. We're using windex and it cleans it really fast!

              So a successful outcome! Video plate punching has brought that accuracy back!



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                Re: Video Plate Punch & Thermal Direct

                Glad it worked Dwane.

                Give the Windex and a wipe a try Larry, reads clear as a bell after that (just don't do it on a production plate). The manual develop method can't reliably process the plate the same way the press does w/ the make-ready, so Kodak recommended not doing it for screen area's (I had asked, as I wanted to read some scales prior to sending the plate to press). Due to the variability of pressure by hand, the plate can't be reliably read, so.. recommended against it.
                Still, for lining up some punch targets, or reading job/slug lines in the plate clamp area, it works like a charm (and you don't need any HASMAT training for window cleaner).

                - Mac


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