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Color separations in Preps

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  • Color separations in Preps

    Hi, I have a job with 3 spot colors and I want to print it as a PDF with 3 "black" plates for Offset-printing.
    It's not possible to choose "color separation" under imaging options in the first fane when I choose to print a job.


    - Erik

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    Re: Color separations in Preps

    been a loong time since I tried this, but I recall being able to print a separated PS file then running it though distiller to get what you are after.


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      Re: Color separations in Preps

      Thanks, but it should be possible to print a PDF separated directly. There's an area in the print box that says color separations, but it's not possible the click on it. Maybe I need to activate something somewhere in the program?


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        Re: Color separations in Preps

        are you doing PDF to PDF job or Mixed?

        if I do PDF to PDF, there is no option to do color seps..

        the only time color seps become available is when printing to device or to a PS file.


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          Re: Color separations in Preps

          Sorry, I think I misunderstood what you meant. Thought you said I should separate the finished file in Acrobat/distiller. You meant to use Distiller as a postscript printer through Creo Preps, right? I'll try it..

          Feel free to come up with suggestions to how I print a separated PDF directly, folks!


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            Re: Color separations in Preps

            PDF to PDF... Hmmm. OKI! THANKS MAN!

            Edited by: Erik on Mar 10, 2008 12:41 PM


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