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Kodak Quantum III 400_Problem

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    I believe an electronics expert should be able to identify the sensor and trace the lines...


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      Dear Zamir,

      Lotem Quantum edge detection mechanism use its mainly thermal laser head. Focusing laser sends beam into the drum. If the beam points on the drum area not covered by the plate, it falls into the edge detection notch and is deflected aside. When beam points the plate area, it is reflected back to the thermal head, into the focus sensor. The edge detection problems may result from:

      - bad clamps, slantly mounting plate .

      - dirty edge detection groove

      - internal problems of the thermal laser head focus assembly.

      - bad plate programming

      Your post implies, the problem occurs only for Chinese plates. If this is the case, the most likely plates are not programmed properly. You rather print using some memory slot populated by programming for other plate. Every plate must be programmed in accordance to its specific technical media note to be properly recognized and exposed.


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        Originally posted by zamir View Post
        Dear Lotem Quantum users,

        As you can see in the attached photo,I have problem of registration in the CMYK plates
        due to the EDGE DETECTION SYSTEM which is adopted by KODAK, meaning the plates are aligned by reading the emultion
        on the plate's edge.
        It happens when I'm using plates from China or Taiwan which are not confirmed by Kodak...

        Is there any CALIBRATION possibilities to adjust the sensitivity of the Edge Detection Sensor?

        Your help will be appreciated,

        Zamir Bar-Lev

        Printiv Press
        Jerusalem, ISRAEL

        Assuming punches are registered, you will need an engineer to look at your machine.
        Each plate type needs specific parameters adjusted in the laser - in your case the reflectivity may need adjustment.
        It is not a sensor - it is a laser beam supposed to detect the plate and track the plate surface ahead during imaging to maintain optimum focus and compensate for small bumps.
        Plate quality and consistency is a factor as well - waves of emulsion or burrs on edges can cause the edge to jump even if laser is setup correctly.
        Lastly, small adjustments can be done on press and compensate minor variations.


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          Thank you Mr. Zmyslowski.

          I'll check.


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