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Kodak Approval proof for Polybag printer

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  • Kodak Approval proof for Polybag printer

    I have a problem that I would like some advice on:

    I am working with a printer that claims they cannot match a Kodak Approval proof (laminated to a white paperstock) for color. They are printing the 4/c plus white backer on polyethylene.

    I know this is an absurd statement from the printer as it is done every day. Could anyone out there give me some data or statements to go back to them with that would explain why/how this CAN be done?

    I assume this printer is not schooled in SpectroDensitometers, LAB values, ink densities, color management systems, etc and that they basically just do not have the mechanical or technical knowledge to print the 4/c process properly.

    Any help or suggestions would be great. I am tired of going back to them and saying "everyone else can do it, why can't you?!"

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    Re: Kodak Approval proof for Polybag printer

    Hey geardave,

    I'm not familiar with bag printing, but I wonder if what they're telling you is simply that they won't accept a customer supplied color proof in place of their own calibrated color proof.

    We run into this all of the time. Customer buys a printer at Best Buy for $200 and loves the color, then expects us to match it. They can't understand why we spend so much money on a profesional grade printer that doesn't look any better to them than one from Walmart.

    Granted, the Kodak Approval is a fine proof, but it's only accurate if it's callibrated to something. Ask them what they recommend for a proof, and why?


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      Re: Kodak Approval proof for Polybag printer

      You also have the problem that there is a white ink being used. Color goes down on poly different than on paper and when you have it going over white ink, which is nothing like white paper, then you can expect some color shift. Due to this fact, some of the color you're asking to have reproduced may be out of gamut. Kodak Approval is a very good proof, but it can't emulate white ink or how the ink will lay down on poly.


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        Re: Kodak Approval proof for Polybag printer

        >Kodak Approval is a very good proof, but it can't emulate white ink or how the ink will lay down on poly.

        There is actually a white donor material that can be used. with the approval. We use when the job requires a white ink (labels) as it allos for laminating to special substrates (clear, dark or metalic). Just did one the other day.


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          Re: Kodak Approval proof for Polybag printer

          Get the polybag printer to show you their standard solid end densities across a broad range of projects. Assuming that not every job is CMYK and that most PMS colors are usually of a lesser strength than the book, work out an average. Kodak have a clear base to which you can laminate your proofs to and a white. Work out the right a mount of clicks for each color using the installed profiling grid used to match and customise colors. Determine the print order setting the XP4 to print exactly as the press , screen ruling, dot shape and more importantly whether the work is printed right or wrong reading, white first or last.

          Hope that helps and guide the printer into establishing a standard.


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            Re: Kodak Approval proof for Polybag printer

            Bingo Michael!

            Kodak offers an Opaque White donor material, multiple-passes can be configured for whatever opacity you desire.
            Also, they have a clear acetate plastic substrate that you can laminate to (which won't distort!). I've done some 'hacks' to get KA's on synthetics, but they're ugly. I was just up at their demo center in Rochester, NY last month, and spoke w/ one of my old friends in development. They were showing me the new clear-base for proofing.

            Find yourself a new printer, someone's ignorant, or blowing sunshine you-know-where.

            - Mac


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