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Brisque running out of storage - help.

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  • Brisque running out of storage - help.

    We have a Brisque 4.176.0, and we are running out of space on the hard drives. How easy is it to setup a NAT and have the Brisque mount it as another volume? And how do we do it?

    Company is not in a position to upgrade, so we in the PrePress department are forced to try and make it work, and still be able to complete the jobs we are supposed to do.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Brisque running out of storage - help.

    We had a similar problem. We swapped the Brisque internal datavolume HD. It isn't an expensive job to the best of my knowledge. Essentially, all you are doing is swapping HD's

    I wouldn't go the network route personally. You'll get bottlenecks over the network.


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      Re: Brisque running out of storage - help.

      How easily is that to do? My co-worker seems to believe it is a very big ordeal to do, even to the point where we would have to call someone in. Is there anywhere where I can get some info on how to do?



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        Re: Brisque running out of storage - help.

        In all honesty Scott, we got Kodak to do it. If it goes wrong then at least you can get them to fix it.


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          Re: Brisque running out of storage - help.

          The swap is straightforward, However you will be looking at a complete cold start and reinstall of AIX, and the Brisque software, lic, and a complete rebuild once that is done.


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            Re: Brisque running out of storage - help.

            What box are we talking about. If it is a tiger there are limits for hard drives. If it is a F50 there are additional slots to add hard drives where you could leave the system disk avoiding a cold start and add a few 73 gig drives. Below is a email from the past where someone added external drives also.

            I've added a total of 12 external hard drives to our various E30 brisques
            over the last 4 years; progressing from 9gb to 18, 36, one 50 and finally
            two 73gb drives. All Seagate drives, either Barracuda or Cheetahs. All are
            in external 4 drive boxes, connected to the single external scsi connector
            on the E30. I currently have four external drives running on each of three
            E30 brisques.

            Performance has been great on all. The only problem I had was with the last
            73gb drive that came in its own external case (like the LaCie's). I simply
            could not get that drive to work until I pulled it out of the case and added
            that drive to the four-bay boxes I was already using. Then it was fine.


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