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Pandora + MacOSX 10.5

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  • Pandora + MacOSX 10.5

    Has anyone ever tried Pandora 2.9.5 under MacOSX 10.5?
    System specifications from the manufacturer indicate "MacOSX 10.3.9 or higher" but I doubt this version may be ready for Leopard, what do you think?
    Thank you very much for your help

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    Re: Pandora + MacOSX 10.5


    I also have had this problem. As far as I can tell, Kodak is working on making everything work on Leopard but it is not ready yet. Several months ago they said they were working on it, I have not heard from them that it is ready yet. I think they dropped the ball. We got a new Leopard INtel and had to give it to an artist and take his older mac for Prinergy.

    Good luck


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      Re: Pandora + MacOSX 10.5

      Hi guys;

      I'm Jake Raitt, a member of the Pandora development team at Kodak.

      We are doing a beta test right now of Pandora version 2.9.7, which supports Leopard. Earlier versions have installer problems and wont work on Leopard, but the beta of 2.9.7 is going very well and we expect to release it early in June.

      I will be travelling out of office next week (away till May 19th) , but if you are interested in participating in the last half of the beta for 2.9.7, please contact me at

      Have a great day,


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        Re: Pandora + MacOSX 10.5


        I'd like to know how it is possible to install Workshop on a Intel-based Mac.

        I've got an iMac Intel and when I launch the installer it fails to install the Workshop. Can anybody tell me how to do ?

        In fact, one of our PowerMac G5 Quad is dead ! It was running Tiger, everything was OK. But the cost for repairs seems higher than buying a new one. But the new Mac Pro can't be downgraded to Tiger...

        (I can add that I run a Prinergy)


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          Workshop in Leopard


          In response to your question, I have been testing out Leopard on my MacBook pro running all the usual apps and Workshop. Funny thing is I was told this error appeared on the install but never had that issue arise and it worked fine apart from a couple of issues. But if you need to run it on a leopard mac then Kodak are recomending you copy a pre-installed folder from a 10.4 mac and apparantly this works fine (found this on e-central).
          Bewarned though, their are some minor issues in using workshop in Leopard and Dont install the latest java update from apple's system update as workshop will not work at all (even after re-install) - (see the below thread as it fixes this issue .

          just tried this and it works!
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