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Permissions on Preps-generated PS files

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  • Permissions on Preps-generated PS files

    We need to have our Preps generated PostScript files saved on our Harlequin RIP rather than being deleted after they have been read in. On the RIP, in the Input Manager-->Spool folder configuration options, we deselected the "Delete on completion" checkbox which should result in the files being moved to the "Complete" folder. However, what we got was the PS file being left in the hot folder that it was originally saved to out of Preps.

    We looked at the PS file's permissions and they were set to:

    You can: Read Only

    Owner: nobody
    Read & Write

    Group: nobody
    Read Only

    Others: nobody
    Read Only

    Through the Get Info window we set the owner to the RIP machine and set the group and others to be able to read and write. We then dragged it back into the hot folder and this time after being read it was correctly moved to the Complete folder.

    So my question is how can we get the PS files to come out of Preps and into the RIP with permissions that will allow the RIP to move the file?

    Files are sent out of Preps version 5.2.2 from Macs running OS X 10.4.11
    RIP is Harlequin RipMate version 7.2r2 running on a Mac running OS X 10.3.9

    Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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    Re: Permissions on Preps-generated PS files

    how are you connecting to your Harlequin box? through AFP? not sure if SMB would help.


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      Re: Permissions on Preps-generated PS files

      Maybe: Check the permissions on your Hot Folder, and check that those permissions are allowed to be propagated down to the files and folders inside the Hot Folder. That should set the permissions and ownership of the files to the same as those of the Hot Folder.
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