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Kodak prinergy 7.5, create imposition error

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  • Kodak prinergy 7.5, create imposition error

    Hello everyone.

    I got come problem with creating new imposition with Prinergy Signature Selection, Error comes out : but license is ok, paths to printers, marks, templates are ok too...
    May be someone know, whats the problem?
    Floating is ok create new imposition Error

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    Fixed by Kodak helpdesk.


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      Originally posted by grey_archer View Post
      Fixed by Kodak helpdesk.
      Well, don´t let us die stupid, what did they do?


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        Originally posted by Slammer View Post

        Well, don´t let us die stupid, what did they do?

        The Prinergy Preps daemon always uses the default.cfg file when converting .job files to JDF for importing. That file should contain only one line: -UNITS:1
        If the default.cfg file contains a substantial number of other configuration entries, it is likely that someone has started Preps from the AraxiPreps folder on the primary server.
        The errors show that the Preps engine cannot be started, which is essentially the same thing as starting Preps. When you start Prepsstand–alone, it checks the PPDs, profiles, and so on.


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