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Trendsetter News 2637 AL - Autoload Plate Picker Timing Out

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  • Trendsetter News 2637 AL - Autoload Plate Picker Timing Out

    The Problem:

    The plate picker bar moves up into position, vacuum turns on and it runs for just over a minute without picking a plate. After a minute, it times itself out. The bar will then do a slight reset and re-position a second time. It then picks up the plate as it should with no problem. This two-step process repeats for every plate.

    We though it might be a suction/alignment issue, so we replaced the suction cups. But it still has the same problem. First attempt times out and second attempt is successful.

    We decided to watch the mechanics with the bay door open to see what was different. The plate picker bar moves up to the same position for each attempt - we marked the position.

    During the first attempt, once the main bar is in position, the pressure piston 'quickly' releases the suction cups to angle towards the plate. However, during the second attempt, the pressure piston releases 'slowly' to put the suction cups in contact with the plate. It is a very noticeable speed difference.

    Anyone have an idea what would cause the piston to act differently? Maybe too much pressure on first attempt?

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    A Kodak trained engineer would be helpful but my 2 cents anyway, vacuum seems to be building up too slowly either because of a worn out pump or a leak somewhere. Is there a vaccum sensor you can monitor during the loading stage ? I keep a small vacuum gauge minus 5 bar on the dial in my toolbox for similar issues on other platesetter brands (I don't have any actual experience with TS machines).


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      Do your plates have slip sheets between them?
      Is the machine set to remove the slip sheet and then take the plate?


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        Originally posted by SnoopDoug View Post
        Do your plates have slip sheets between them?
        Is the machine set to remove the slip sheet and then take the plate?
        There are no slip sheets. Thanks for the idea


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          Hi YenDor,
          there should be three steps before vacuum: picker up, picker in, picker wrist in. Only with wrist in and vacuum the plate can be gripped.
          Check those three steps, make sure the vacuum bar (the one with cups) is touching the plate, it may be problem with vacuum level.
          The TS2637 is news machine, mean there are two vac generators and two vac sensors.
          Do you use broadsheet or panorama plates?
          What is the error?



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            We attached a gauge and the vacuum is the same on the first and second attempts. The picker bar moves up and in to the same position on both attempts. The only visible difference is how the picker wrist approaches the plate. It quickly snaps against the plate on the first attempt, and moves slower on the second. We're not sure what triggers the picker wrist to act differently


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