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Preps for perfect bound book, no bleed on the inside

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    Originally posted by djdjoric View Post
    That is not actually bleed, that is binding "section" and you have to leave those 3 mm in spine because of the glue bind. The binding machine is cutting those 3mm and that is why they told you not to include actual bleed (as in you don't need any graphical content in that space but you need the space itself). If the book were intended to be sawed first, then you mustn't leave the empty space in spine because it will not be cut off and therefore will be just white stripe in the spine of every page in the book.

    I hope this is helpful.
    So, I should really have 6mm on that end, 3mm of white and 3mm of the inside bleed, so in a situation of joint pictures, they will match nicely when one opens the book regularly, not crack open the book completely and break the spine.
    Or not?


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      you want your standard 6mm gutter between pages, normally this is 3mm of bleed from from both pages. Your finisher has requested that area to be be white so change the bleed on the LH and RH pages to 0mm in Preps as described by Joe. You do not normally compensate for opening the book and breaking the spine. Only the glue-hinge pages where the inside cover pages are glued to front and last page of text need some allowance if you are running a picture spread across the spine.
      If you are trying to compensate for not opening the book far enough to damage the spine there are no hard and fast rules as to how many mm to do this but in preps you could negative creep your pages a little, or adjust your trim boxes on the pages you see that is going to be an issue, it certainly won't be as much as 3mm


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        Originally posted by cementary View Post

        That's not true. You can manually set any bleed for page in preps 5.3 and any preps. And preps do not use bleed box - only trimbox.
        now, i have find it in Preps 5.3, too. :-)

        Thanks a lot for correction!


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