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Lotem 800 quantum ii waterless to conventional

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  • Lotem 800 quantum ii waterless to conventional

    Hi i am using the beforementioned CtP for exposing waterless plates -Torray/Presstek- for GTO52 DI and want to try conventional plates without tampering with laser power at all.
    I presume analog plates will not work so thermal CtP plates are needed right? Want to learn about processless too.

    As far as i know the current use of laser power is increased to carve deeper in the silicon surface OR the speed of drum is reduced. Exposure time of waterless plate comes to 2-4 mins

    Any ideas what will happen if i expose with same settings?
    Will the CtP break/burn -gods no!-?
    The plate will be over exposed and dot loss will be multplied?

    Thank you in advance

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    Hello Manprint,

    I suggest you download the relevant PDFs for Lotem 800 Quantum II Imagesetter

    Regards, Alois


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      Thank you for replying Alois if only i knew where to find them...


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        You need to get a service tech to perform a calibration for the new media, and save this under a new TH name. Then you can create a new media definition using that TH set, it won't affect the settings of your existing media definition.


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          I see...i guess the default TH set name is somewhere saved?


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            There is no default, the machine is set up for each type of media you are exposing


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              So CtP are installed totally blank and techs make TH sets according to plate(s) used in house, sadly this machine has no official service and have to rely on techs that are very few in our country -as far as i know- or do it yourself and cross your fingers


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