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  • Lotem 1, Slammer 0

    I Need some help from the Gurus. I am battling a Lotem 400 that has been in storage for a year. I gave it a good clean and buff and a lot of TLC, so far so good.
    I fired it up and it responded, however with an error, there is something that it doesn´t like.
    I am getting:

    DESCR error createfile 5
    the Operation "put" of loader local 3 Card failed.

    And then it just sits there and glowers at me. I took a look at the log file and it seems that this error was there the last time the machine was in use.
    Anybody know what I am getting into?

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    Traced Things back to the Motor defeater as it is giving me an interlock error on the Motor defeater.


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      And did I Mention the high pitched whistle that has been giving me Tinnitus all afternoon?


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        Quoting an Engineer Safety doc:
        "Note: The laser interlock system is equipped with a buzzer. If a failure is detected in the operation of the laser interlock system, the buzzer is activated and the laser is shut off."
        I would try to replace the Lotem Interlock Board located in the distribution Box.
        Good luck.


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          Turn it off with the doors open.
          While off - flip the breakers at the back off/on.
          Turn it back on, then close the doors - always from the middle.
          The buzzer starts when the sensors are not tripped at the same time while closing the door.
          It could be a bad interlock board but also misaligned interlock switches.
          The initial error is not related to this though - that is a communication failure with the Local 3 card - check if your serial cables are connected correctly.


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            Got it so far, the cable to the loader had a pin fall off, I replaced it now the Errors I had are gone, but don´t worry I got a whole bunch of new ones and all related to the interlocks. Also the Buzzer is not a Buzzer but a high pitched Tinnitus whine that can shatter dogs and make glass howl.
            But I´ll get there, there can only be one and this Lotem is going to be my bitch… It´s going DOWN!


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              Why not find that Buzzer and tame it first?


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                Originally posted by Repro_Pro View Post
                Why not find that Buzzer and tame it first?
                As I said, it´s not a buzzer it´s a dog-whistle from hell, but I got it tamed. There was a broken pin on the laser loop, got it fixed no more whine. Now all I get is a bunch of new errors all related to this damned interlock.


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