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Dolev800V slowing down

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  • Dolev800V slowing down

    Hi, newbie here and this is my first post... and its problem.

    I have a dolev800V, PSM 7 RIP on G3. SFL

    My Dolev800V is plotting very slow right now. It is actually not running to its max of 2400rpm for more than 2 years now, max speed right from then is 11700rpm which is still ok. The problem right now is it is 5 times slower than before... what could be the problem here?

    by the way, my Rip used to run on G4 but its under repair.

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    Re: Dolev800V slowing down

    Laser going bad? Check it's output.

    Data not being sent to the Dolev fast enough? Although I thought you would get a (can't remember the error name) time out or some such error in that case.


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      Re: Dolev800V slowing down

      yeah, we do get an error message. Forgot to write it down. Indeed its about the sending of data to the dolev is not fast enough. Effect on this are, unfinish plotting and blank spaces on images, particularly straight lines from top to bottom. My Laser is ok.

      Got my G4 back and its back to normal again.

      Another thing by the way, hope you don't mind asking. The Dolev800V have a max spinner speed of 24000rpm right? Mine can only runs upto 11700rpm. Default spinner speed is also at 11700. What could be the problem of this? But It used to be 24000rpm, and just all of the sudden it drops down to 11700.



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        Re: Dolev800V slowing down

        It has been quite some time since working with the dolev. However, I believe that if you increase the buffer size on RIP this could aleaviate some of your time out issues. Like i said, many years since we have had this equipment here. Good luck


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          Re: Dolev800V slowing down

          Oh sheesh its been so long that I have worked on an 800, have you done any updates to the software on the Dolev itself? I have had settings changed when updating software.

          Can you adjust the spinner speed at the Dolev or is it no allowing you to?

          I used to just go in and poke around till I find what I needed.

          If it just changed on its own it might be the spinner going bad? But I wouldn't rule out a setting gone kafluey either.

          Sorry I can't be more definitive.


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            Re: Dolev800V slowing down

            lol... is it mean im already in the stone age?? hahaha.

            I already did adjust the buffer size of the RIP. thanks.


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              Re: Dolev800V slowing down

              I already updated the software, with a disk only.

              I love to poke around after that dumb a#$ scitx engineer touch my unit and suddenly my spinner speed drops down to 11700. And they don't know why!!! blaming my spinner is going bad.... I ruled out my spinner is going downn if it is, Im out of business along time ago! I believe they've done something accidentally... hope someone can help if there is a way to adjust the spinner speed to its 24000rpm default max speed... mechanically perhaps???

              I can adjust the spinner speed upto 11700rpm only.


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                there's a small bridge cable (color was black as i remember), and this cable determines if it's 14k rpm or 24k rpm max. speed. that cable must be cut during the U/G from dolev800 to dolev800V. that cable is on one of the P... connector attached to the standart controller.
                Also, Spinner Driver board and OMC board can effect the machine to choose the max. speed 14k or 24k.

                As a brief, what i would check in this situation is, if somebody has reconnected that cut cable, or if the spinner driver board or OMC board has been replaced, is it the correct level.


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