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PREPS 5.0 With Indesign CS3 Page Size Problem

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  • PREPS 5.0 With Indesign CS3 Page Size Problem

    Can anyone help?

    I am trying to print using Preps 5.0 and Indesign CS3.

    I am trying to print custom sized documents with crops and bleeds added in indesign.

    I am able to Postsript then distill to create the PDF using the Print option with crops and bleeds being added in indesign and custom page size.

    The size of the custom page is correct in both Indesign and Acrobat but when opened in the Preps software, it is a totally different size and does not fit into the Templates created in Preps.

    I do not know if this is an Indesign, Acrobat or Preps problem.

    Can anyone offer any help and suggestions?

    Greg Robertson.

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    Re: PREPS 5.0 With Indesign CS3 Page Size Problem

    My first question is why are you making a postscript file and then a PDF.
    Try making the PDF from ID using the export function and in your distiller check that you have the correct settings. If this still causes problems senf me the file and I will try it on my machine


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      Re: PREPS 5.0 With Indesign CS3 Page Size Problem

      I am creating a postscript file first because the document is a custom page size that has to be created at a certain size of 120x160mm with crops and bleed marks only.

      I can create a PDF the size of 120 x 160 mm, but for some reason when it is brought into Preps software, the Size alters and does not fit on the template.


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        Re: PREPS 5.0 With Indesign CS3 Page Size Problem

        I thought I would try and explain this a bit clearer.

        The document in InDesign is set up with a document size of 146.5 x 208 mm

        It has to be PDF ed (to fix the template in Preps) with a size of 160 x 225 mm with the bleeds and crops added in InDesign. (Thats why I was Postscripting it first)

        We have previously used Pagemaker doing the same thing with no problems. I am new to InDesign.



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          Re: PREPS 5.0 With Indesign CS3 Page Size Problem

          There is an issue with postscript from InDesign CS3 and Preps 5. The Kodak preps forum confirms this.
          Postscript from IDCS3 displays out of position in Preps and prints even more out of position than it displays.
          PDFs from IDCS3 are OK. InDesign is the culprit I presume as IDCS2 and Preps 5 work in harmony with each other.


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