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  • A Prinergy Refine question

    This question goes out to all senior Prinergy users. We have been using Prinergy now, for almost 9 months and we question the use of doing a 1st refine and then a 2nd refine. I know that there a certain resons to do a 2nd refine, for example if you need to map spot colors. But some of our operators have been doing the a 1st refine, and then a second refine to trap the file. Some operators have been going straight to a refine and trap, I guess I am saying a second refine, but skipping the 1st refine template.

    For Consistancy, we have told all operators to always do a 1st refine no trap, then do a 2nd refine with mapping spot colors and trapping. Is this a waste of time? Will we get better results, less errors if we follow this routine? I know many factors depend on this, being the complexity of the file, does it have ransparency, multiple colors? The reason we told all operators to follow this rule was because operator "A" would refine a job one way, then operator "B" would refine it another way, maybe adjustinga setting here and there, and then forgetting to write it down on the job ticket. Make sense?

    All advice is welcome. Thanks to all that respond in advance!

    Jeffrey J.

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    Re: A Prinergy Refine question

    The only reason you need to do a second refine is to map spot colours so I guess it depends on the quality of the pdfs that you receive. The shop I work in currently receives Pdfs from the clients for about 99% of the jobs and they almost always have errant spot colours, so we do a first refine so Prinergy can "see" the spot colours in the file, map the colours to process and trap with a second refine.

    The previous shop I worked for received native files for most jobs so we preflighted the jobs thoroughly, converting the spots to process where need be and renaming/converting different versions of the same spots to a common proper name. Therefore, we never needed to map colours in Prinergy and we never did a first and second refine. Just one refine with trapping.

    The only common thing with both shops is that we have a set routine for ALL operators to follow and if workarounds are required the operator is absolutely required to document what needed to be done to get the files to perform properly.


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      Re: A Prinergy Refine question

      bluekivi has it right on. However, in Prinergy 4, there is now the ability to build a customized spot color mapping table inside of your 1st Refine Process Template. This is useful if you know that you want to convert all spot colors to process except for certain colors like dielines and varnishes. If you know the way the colors are named in the file ahead of time, you can even set up spot to spot mappings so you can get the file right using just a single Refine step.


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        Re: A Prinergy Refine question

        Hey Ardoman,

        We use two refines. The first, normally with a postscript file. The second, to trap and or map colours. Not every file needs to be trapped (1 colour files or multi-colour files with no intercolour registration) so the first refine is enough. I'm not sure that there would be any harm in trapping something that doesn't need to be, but that's how we do it.

        Anyone want to comment on that?


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          Re: A Prinergy Refine question

          We refine with trap and convert to process right off the bat. The only reason we do a second refine is to map colors.

          Some jobs that come in over Insite I have setup to keep spots with no trap. If needed we do a second refine to trap and or convert spots to process.


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            Re: A Prinergy Refine question

            Same as Brad, everything in the first refine. If there is nothing to be trapped, then nothing gets trapped. Only occasionally use a second refine to map colours.


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              Re: A Prinergy Refine question

              We do the same with our Prinergy system. Run a 1st Refine and then if needed map color and trap.

              I know the trapping is different then the Brisque system. Prinergy will trap 4c to 4c from some of the files that I've worked on. Do you trap everything if you have a 4c job or do you trap individual items that are needed?


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                Re: A Prinergy Refine question

                we do 2 refines, trapping and mapping on the 2nd refine only. i like the stripped down 1st refine so we can see the file as is before we trap it and look for potential problem spots beforehand.

                we receive some files from sister companies that also use prinergy that are already trapped, so we only need one refine in those cases. i prefer doing our own trapping, but sometimes they require us to keep the trapping untouched.



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