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Trojans ate my Windows 2000 workstations/servers until Sophos came along...

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  • Trojans ate my Windows 2000 workstations/servers until Sophos came along...

    We had a REAL nasty trojan infection here at Printcraft-Solutions for the last 4 weeks or so. It managed to infect the Windows 2000 workstations/servers by way of weak password-protected network shares.

    Fortunately, as my Prinergy server is 2003, we never lost our plate-making capacity for the Komori. But we lost the Presstek server and the inkprofile workstation for more than a week (off and on).

    I logged my experiences at my blog and you are welcome to visit if you are the type of who slows down to look at traffic accidents ;-}. You might even find the entry amusing where I think the router is broken but it's really the Trojans that are flooding the bandwidth with IRC chatter.

    But anyways, here is the point of my story. While the Trojan didn't hit my Prinergy server, Norton was useless at cleaning out the Trojans on the Windows 2000 boxes. So was ClamWin. BitDefender and Kaspersky no longer support Windows 2000. But Sophos Anti-Virus SBE 2.5 cleaned them out, thank goodness.

    But I really don't have any more confidence in Norton. Is anybody running Sophos on their Prinergy server? Yeah, I know it's probably not supported, but I doubt I'm the only guy on the planet that got hit with the W32/Rbot-fam trojan.

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    Re: Trojans ate my Windows 2000 workstations/servers until Sophos came alon

    All I can say is that Norton's Sucks! It's great for slowing down your system. Not much else. Back in the 90's it was great! But only for Macs.


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