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  • Preps and Prinergy Evo

    One thing I've noticed, but not sure if it's right....

    If I make an impo in preps from a refined pdf file with a trim box that (accidentally) encompasses the media size, the page is offset due to preps positioning the page based from the trim box parameters. This is understandable since Preps is configured to position these pages based off the trimbox variables. Theres no question there.

    BUT, if I update the pdf files with the corrected trimbox values, the .pjtf still doesn't acknowledge the newly created page positioning unless I reopen the job in preps and generate a new .pjtf file.

    I don't know, maybe thats the way it's supposed to work. I'm accustomed to the way the Brisque worked where you modified a .job and the impo template would update automatically, as long as the name is the same. Is there data in that .pjtf file that *needs* to be re-written in order to accept these type of modifications?

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    Re: Preps and Prinergy Evo

    *_Anything_* that you do to a PDF file that will change the geometry of the page will need a new .pjtf file from preps.

    You can do whatever you want to the contents of a PDF without creating a new .pjtf as long as you don't change the x,y coordinates of the trimbox as measured from the lower left corner.

    In other words, don't change anything to do with any of the "boxes" (trim, media, crop, bleed, or art) without re-printing the preps job.


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