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    Can you vets help a newbie out? I have looked in all the obvious free font download sites but I cannot find Windows fonts for all helvetica neue: medium, condensed, italic, bold, roman, black and thin. If there's a site for freebie download, please pass it on! If anyone is overly in the Christmas spirit and can send me these (TrueType?), I would owe you one big time! Thanks, MK.

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    Re: Font Assistance

    Hi Mark,
    Helvetica Neue I believe was created and is owned by Linotype, so you will probably not find it for free anywhere. It's protected just like any other piece of commercial software.

    Your best option is going to be to buy the family:


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      Re: Font Assistance

      If you insist on finding fonts for free you deserve all the problems you get.

      Learn something about typography and maybe you'll start to respect the labor and toil that goes into creating a good face. Anyone sending you copies of their fonts is piracy!

      If you're a designer and care anything about the quality of work you do I suggest buying a few good versatile faces that have been created with care and attention and include all the ligatures, glyphs and paraphernalia that only a paid-for font will include. You'll find much better the kerning, periods, commas etc.

      You're shooting yourself in the foot with free faces.



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        Re: Font Assistance

        buy them man.

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          Re: Font Assistance

          Thanks, fellas. I appreciate the feedback. I understand I have a lot to learn. Have a great day. Mark.


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