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Quark 6.1 will not upgrade to 6.5.

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  • Quark 6.1 will not upgrade to 6.5.

    My Quark 6.1 will not upgrade to 6.5. I I get an "1008:5,-5000 Access denied error" and it say I do "not have enough access privileges" when I run the installer.

    I get this error when the installer is about 60% installed.

    I'm the admin for the machine so I should be able to install the update.

    I tried making another user and installing it but that did not work either.

    Anyone have this issue and can shed some light or give me things to try that would be great.

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    Re: Quark 6.1 will not upgrade to 6.5.

    Have you tried repairing permissions (in Disk Utility)?


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      Re: Quark 6.1 will not upgrade to 6.5.

      Is the suspect Mac running OS 10.4.11?

      I was recently reformatting a production Mac and re-installing the major apps (CS2, CS3, QuarkXPress, etc.).

      Before installing any apps, I performed all Mac OS X 10.4 updates all the way to 10.4.11.

      I installed QuarkXPress 6.1 and it was fine. When attempting to update to 6.5 I would get the same error as you described. I tried Repairing Permissions, FSCK, all the tricks I know and tried running the update several more times - - no luck.

      I resorted to reformatting the drive again, but this time, I left it at 10.4.7. Then I did the whole QuarkXPress install again and updated to 6.5. No problems. Went all the way to 6.52, all was OK. I then proceeded to update to OS X 10.4.11. All was still golden.

      Long story made short....I think there is a conflict between the Quark 6.5 installer and Mac OS 10.4.11.


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        Re: Quark 6.1 will not upgrade to 6.5.

        Yes. Call Quark and ask them for a full installer and not just an update installer. That fixed it for me.



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          Re: Quark 6.1 will not upgrade to 6.5.

          Have you tried logging in as the super user through NetInfo Manager? On some of my 6.5 installs on MacBooks I had to create a temporary super user account and install through that account.


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